Feeling very fatiguied

Just checking in to note how ridiculously tired I’ve been.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but find it hard to sleep despite feeling so low.  Back when I can think 🙂


Wellbeing Update: Physically on edge but remaining hopeful.

Have been suffering with a sick tummy of late.  The tingles still come in waves or at least present in the background with mild sweats.  Coming off the meds: I’m on day six with six nights gone.  I feel hungry still, but get sick when I eat.  This morning I have returned to oats and sipping water.  I think the hunger feeling is not as bad as the sickness that comes after eating.

Fatigue is quite present as well – I’m now managing that with some vitamin supplements, laying down, short gentle walks outdoors and keeping hydrated with clear fluids

Today I will shave myself as I can feel little creepy sensations all over my hairy body.  Not going stress about scabies having previously suffered that affliction, but it’s annoying enough to make me want to shave head, face and wash the sheets.

I’ve been sneezing as well. I estimate as least another 3 weeks of feeling unwell as described.  I refuse to fall into a pattern that seeks no end.  Instead I bide my time and relish each breath that gives relief.  Tonight marks the end of one fell week with only three to go.  I am positive the end of the first month will have me set to begin walking more regularly, eating well and sleeping longer.

The mindset  I now brace and will have established then ,shall see me steady for the yards I continue to set.  It’s as if my exercise has begun, despite not pumping any sets yet. – Stretching is something I now toy with during the day and before bed.

Time for that shave 🙂

Morning Walk

Yea – I’ll post here and if this changes, I’ll let you know 🙂

Still got the sniffles with this mornings walk marking day six off the meds.

I’m a little foggy and still waking up with no specifics yet on my mind.  I’d like to continue the walks  as they are not at this point anything near excretion at all.  Just a point in forming healthy habits.

Going in town today to catch up with my youngest son who recently moved out.  My wife and I are going in together.  We’ll be giving him a driving lesson.  I’m hoping my wife will be the one in the front seat.

I think I shall continues waking up.

You guys take care 🙂

For those that like my Drone :)

Hi Guys – just sharing some test for the day.  Also procrastinating before I go back in the yard to mow.  1st ffd Dahila – I have started taking some media of my Herb Garden – but it will take a while yet before I finish showing that off.  I will make my first HTML webpage on My Herb Garden. 🙂  That’s a special coming up sooner than later I hope.

OK – I cut and past some info I shared at the Phantom Pilots Forum Site:

I was going to put these in the photos section, but I really wanted to talk more about the topic of Taking Photos at the distance and altitude limits. That is to say where the drone is about to lose signal and any further chance for taking that special shot before it becomes more an issue of getting your drone back to base.

First – here are two shots from my altitude tests today.

Altitude Test One

Altitude Test 2


Now there is nothing really special about these photos with regards to SUBJECT material. I’m simply experimenting. Doing my best to know my drones limits. Knowing when to back off before signal loss is key to setting up for a good composition. That’s the main reason I now have four batteries. Many times I will deplete a full battery just to get that one shot! Most of the time spent in the air is getting to location as quick as I can. Generally I will use a previous Battery for the sole purpose of gauging signal loss and perhaps do some practice flying when I get back – IF I GET BACK!!! lol – I’m generally good at getting my drone back. I’m impressed with the tech in this thing and it offers up to be quite the tool for over active minds like mine. I do note* My heart has jumped more than once with sudden gust of wind with prevailing wind pressure working against a fast draining battery on some of my returns.

Learning to read the weather really helps when taking into account the many factors for distant flights. Defiantly something I would love to blog about.

One must be careful to tune into that very edge where you still have control to slowly turn you drone and tilt your camera – that window where signal still permits that last chance to gauge you subject and take your shot – You know your on a roll when you can snap off 3 of four – WOOO HOOOOO!!! is the feeling I get … Now the challenge is getting back home, where a fresh battery awaits. :)

I’m always doing tests like the above and getting all kinds of different results – I’m starting to see patterns over time and it’s been rather fun to record the results.

If anyone knows a blog or links to places that deal with this kind of thing – please do sing out!

I wonder on what issues one has to watch out for with regards to cloud – No doubt I will record my own drone affairs there in good time. One I get better at gauging these distance shots – I’ll spend more time in Google maps, looking for places to go. I kind of already do. But just like with any of my other lenses – I’m still getting my eye in with this drone.

I think making a chart detailing the Field of view at different heights and distances would be good – save me some battery power knowing such things (as again – I often use a previous battery when not in the know at places I’ve never been)

Finding good places to launch with appropriate line of site – working out where the sun will be at whatever time – and whatever else that all counts … anything you can think off or would like to add – PLEASE DO …

I really don’t know that much – just sharing what I can …

I don’t mind the video side of things and have been learning quite a bit there – but my passion is for Photography – I find it more my pace – more my thing.

I best go start a blog and that way – next time instead of wasting space … I’ll just share the link ;)

PS – Thanks for the tip about going slow!!!!! It’s definitely helped me to go as far as I do – and most of all GET BACK HOME. So many stories about this kind of thing – but usually involve the loss and or crash of someones drone. Touch wood – :)

Now back to my friends at my actual Blog – if your still with me here – I hope you all have a good rest as you sleep tonight!  Thanks for making me feel appreciated. 🙂

additional Notes:

Actually I add another note for me to use later elsewhere:

When losing signal at the most outer reaches – opportunity for a retake is lost due to the time it takes whilst in “Coming Home Mode”.

Often the video signal with lock up on one image – and or black out completely –

Altitude VS Distance

Altitude often results in connection loss for longer – The drone will first fly overhead where it take a longer time to reconnect. Often, until it has come down up to 500 or more meters depending on altitude gained before signal loss.

So far – I have gained best results by:

Altitude 100meters to 120meters when aiming for a distance of 1.6km

Distance in front – 280m – 300m when aiming for 800m or above altitude.


[i]When losing signal at the most outer reaches – opportunity for a retake is lost due to the time it takes whilst in “Coming Home Mode”.[/i]

There is more play to reconnect when aiming for distance shots with the above in mind. Often my best shots at distance – is knowing to pull up around the 1km Mark and start shooting form there –

Thus far – I often get good results at 1km with altitude between 300m and 500m. (changes in temperature and moisture also seem to affect greatly) … as to wind conditions and position of sun … still gauging those as I go. Environment is pretty much a given, although power plants and lines can sometime creep into the equation – I’m not a town person – but is why it sometimes creeps up on me. (when I should be!) Australia is also WAY behind the times with above ground lines being more maintained as opposed to upgrading the grid! Apart from the fact that one should not fly whilst planes are about – although I have seen plains where they should be not … regardless of the inbuilt “restrictions” – a passing plane can result in signal loss.

Food for thought.

Nothing Special – a new attempt to come of the meds that are now crippling me.

Nothing Special  –  Just how it was this morning – snap shot!

Misty Morning

That XR shit is fucked – All the meds that have XR on it – have totally fucked me up!  Is good in a way – now I am coming off the shit – or trying to once more.  Long term use of mood stabilizers is well recorded to do a full circle on many people. I am one of those people.

Tapering back to 75mg atm … waling again and waking up without the fog … no doubt wwithdrawalwill make their claim – but I’m over the side effects.

I also on a new program – Now have a suport person to help me with my goals and interactions – not sure how that’s going to work, but so far appreciate the encouragement.

I’d like to talk more about that – but feeling tired from my efforts – will be back though – so far have been regulating my activities and thinking [patterns reasonably well.

Hope you are well John – as to the test of the gang.

Andrew – I am inspired with your continued efforts in sharing as you do on Flikr – would like to see a pic of your 600mm lens?  – Could you link me that music you mentioned before – I can search back I guess – just bit tired for now.

Take care guys 🙂

PS – Dahila – srry for my sarcasm back a AF – I cant help it anymore – the BS is now just amusing me.