You could not get three more devoted souls than we be here. I stand with my brother under arm and Bible in hand. Tragically my brother died a passive suicide victim in his early 40’s – My Son (now 24) standing in between us is now a fully blown drug addict like my belated brother was. I myself take medication and am on a pension due to┬ámental illness and unemployability. Despite out effort to find acceptance in the religious community – we three share that same fate of continued rejection and denial.

I have since tossed that destructive book in the bin and now aim to cut ties with my Christian family and begin healing, by unlearning all the dogma that has kept me bound and living in fear all these years.

The power of religion in all it’s form is extremely binding and can take an enormous amount of unlearning. This journal is my attempt to do just that. To dispel this notion of generational curses and highlight the truth of cycling abuse. ┬áMost notably, how it is that we then go on to abuse ourselves.