Does this link work for you guys?


I’ll probably change the theme at any given time from wacko Dave to try hard and all over kinds of freaky things 🙂

I’m just experimenting at this place – I am stumped as where to go with it and basically just running in cricles – Just wanted to know if the link works is all.

EDIT – I my aimless playing about seems to of found a new opportunity for us all to better interact!  I found a setting to embed a forum where others can attach photos.  I thought you guys might like that.  I’ve never been one for stopping in one place too long – so if you don’t mind – whilst I may keep this Blog for off topic stuff, you guys are more then welcome to help me make something out of this new camp site I am creating.  LOL – or whatever one thinks it is.    If you could try a response in the forum section or even post an image to see if it works, I would greatly appreciate that – Thank You.

Danuta – perhaps we can bring others from the AF and convert them to mindfulness …. rolf – ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …. I might even do just to have some fun 🙂 … we can all be admins if you like – wahahahahrrrrharrrr …. The power is rushing to my head — Just kidding …. LOL …anyways a new medium none the less. 🙂

Hope you are as well as can be guys.  I’m kind of tired from all the photos – but now our cars has new tired on it and wheel alignment done.

Trying to think about writing on whatever – no more story telling but just writing from the heart.  I’m no good with all those rules about how to do something – if it does not come naturally then its pretty much a lie to me – and that’s not what I want to pass on – it comes out like a sales pitch – which is pretty much how the writing forums tell you how to write and how it mostly written on the net.

Catch up later guys —- I’d like to go bush today, but my wife needs me as well – so much catching up with the garden and grass outside.  I’ll try because I’d really like to have a few minutes in my hammock and recharge under the trees.  Helps me to write as I now do.

Peace Guys.


5 thoughts on “Does this link work for you guys?

  1. Howdy Dave, I totally understand on the writing thing and going to the bush. I did get about 50 pounds of turnips for helping a guy dig them up ( most folks around here don’t even know what they are and or they don’t like them). No deer meat for the freezer yet but i keep trying. Hell, i had one in the yard eating my apple trees the other night. Peace

  2. HEY JOHN!!! Glad to see you 🙂
    Wishing you the best with the dear meat and really glad to hear about your dealing with such things.
    Cheers John – Nice to see you at the link 🙂

    PS – my brain is on the fritz – “Are you on my Skype friends list – just tried reaching out then to see if it was you 🙂 I think it might be???? I’m kind of hoping it is. 🙂

  3. Yes link works, I do not see anyone worth our time over there. OH Cully but Cully will find us. John is here, our beloved and Pam will get here when she is ready and see the link. who else? I do not see anyone else………….:(

    • I am assuming by there , you mean AF – of course you do. – was just how I read it was all. Is no big deal – I saw the option to use forum when making a webpage and figured why not? – I don’t expect anyone will use it. Depends on the content and weather anyone is interest in my blabber. 🙂 – Take it easy guys …

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