The drone has been hired again.

Drone emphasis on Solar and Yard space -

Hi Guys,

Sorry it’s been a while.  Still battling coming of the meds.  Had a panic attack yesterday whilst out shooting for someone.  Long story short, I have explicitly told them this time, that I do not like working with people over my shoulder.

They said they would let me in the house and be down the road this time.  Sigh … I will still be able to feel their presence and wonder why I am even bothering.  It’s more a case that they are upset with the last photographer and told me more about nosy neighbours and all that kind of shit.  They really should of known better than to weight me down with all that shit.  I ended up dropping one of my flashed and was not impressed with all the hype surrounding the job.  I was a ball of sweat dripping all over the place.

Anyways, I have decided to go back (my wife is pushing me to do so) – this time I am going in lose clothing and can’t be fucked about whatever anyone else things.  As long as no one else is there and I can take my fucking time, then I will be able to perform for the budget price they expect.

There is some more work on offer, however I wont be painted into a corner theat exceed my anxiety trigger.  I don’t mind being  a little out of my comfort zone, but will not go into situations that will make me ‘hate”


Packing up ready to go in about half hours time.  I so much prefer Drone only work.  Having said that though we do need the money to catch up on bills and actually stock the pantry with some food!  – Here’s to a more successful day without so much pressure.  I told them 3 hours – its a double story house with many rooms.

Goto go – On day 13 now coming off the meds.  I think I am going to wing that battle and that is a huge thing to be proud of.  I will learn to deal with shit soon enough.

I do little video soon on my next bush walk – I like the little video updates I sometimes do – feels like my friends are really there.  Later guys.

Wishing you all well – other than yesterdays panic attack, I am dong quite ok 🙂


4 thoughts on “The drone has been hired again.

  1. I can not even type the numbers when someone is over my shoulder. My boss things probably that I have no idea how to type it:((
    Sorry to hear about your panic attack:(

  2. Howdy 🙂 Glad to hear your winning the good fight with the meds. I know all about those damn panic attack’s. Keep it up friend

  3. Hi ya guys damn good to see you all, I too am coming off the meds I am having half my usual dose and have been for nearly a week. Thankfully at the moment it does not seem to be making any difference although I am sure something is going to kick in soon.
    Mate I hate those panic attacks it’s also been a long while since I had one of those but I can’t imagine I will ever forget how nasty they can be.

    I don’t think many people like working under close scrutiny, I think you will find it much easier the more you do it, the same as public speaking the more you do the easier it becomes. You know know that you will make a really great job of the photo’s, I can imagine they will be so much better than they would get anywhere else for the price they are prepared to pay you so you really should be confident, as confident as I am that they are going to get fabulous results for there bucks.

    Best of luck on getting off those meds Dave and I am really looking forward to seeing your bush walk video I love those, I do enjoy a good explore,

    Take care and thinking off you all.

    • Thanks Andrew – I don’t have much time now, but wanted to wish you well in all that you do. I am starting to feel better, but will comment on that later. It is not a bad thing learning to handle issues in other ways.

      I am thinking of showing some of the photos I took later – I’ll just include the watermark to keep things ligeit. Anyways – I have to run. Is really great to see you again.

      I post my latest altitude record video for now. 🙂

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