Wellbeing Update: Physically on edge but remaining hopeful.

Have been suffering with a sick tummy of late.  The tingles still come in waves or at least present in the background with mild sweats.  Coming off the meds: I’m on day six with six nights gone.  I feel hungry still, but get sick when I eat.  This morning I have returned to oats and sipping water.  I think the hunger feeling is not as bad as the sickness that comes after eating.

Fatigue is quite present as well – I’m now managing that with some vitamin supplements, laying down, short gentle walks outdoors and keeping hydrated with clear fluids

Today I will shave myself as I can feel little creepy sensations all over my hairy body.  Not going stress about scabies having previously suffered that affliction, but it’s annoying enough to make me want to shave head, face and wash the sheets.

I’ve been sneezing as well. I estimate as least another 3 weeks of feeling unwell as described.  I refuse to fall into a pattern that seeks no end.  Instead I bide my time and relish each breath that gives relief.  Tonight marks the end of one fell week with only three to go.  I am positive the end of the first month will have me set to begin walking more regularly, eating well and sleeping longer.

The mindset  I now brace and will have established then ,shall see me steady for the yards I continue to set.  It’s as if my exercise has begun, despite not pumping any sets yet. – Stretching is something I now toy with during the day and before bed.

Time for that shave 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wellbeing Update: Physically on edge but remaining hopeful.

  1. Hang in there my friend. I can relate as i have been through two withdrawls in my life off of meds and it aint no fun! Peace brother Dave

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