Nothing Special – a new attempt to come of the meds that are now crippling me.

Nothing Special  –  Just how it was this morning – snap shot!

Misty Morning

That XR shit is fucked – All the meds that have XR on it – have totally fucked me up!  Is good in a way – now I am coming off the shit – or trying to once more.  Long term use of mood stabilizers is well recorded to do a full circle on many people. I am one of those people.

Tapering back to 75mg atm … waling again and waking up without the fog … no doubt wwithdrawalwill make their claim – but I’m over the side effects.

I also on a new program – Now have a suport person to help me with my goals and interactions – not sure how that’s going to work, but so far appreciate the encouragement.

I’d like to talk more about that – but feeling tired from my efforts – will be back though – so far have been regulating my activities and thinking [patterns reasonably well.

Hope you are well John – as to the test of the gang.

Andrew – I am inspired with your continued efforts in sharing as you do on Flikr – would like to see a pic of your 600mm lens?  – Could you link me that music you mentioned before – I can search back I guess – just bit tired for now.

Take care guys 🙂

PS – Dahila – srry for my sarcasm back a AF – I cant help it anymore – the BS is now just amusing me.


9 thoughts on “Nothing Special – a new attempt to come of the meds that are now crippling me.

  1. Hi guys hope you are all good! that music Dave is Solus Na Madainn and Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh both by Runrig I still think they would be cool on a drone vid. The 600mm lens is an old Russian tair 300 with a 2x converter, the lens came with a photosniper kit I will get some photos sorted to show you guys! I think it will be right up your street John.
    It has been horrible here today! the first really wet day after a really good summer the water got right through to my undies by 9am you can’t blame youngsters for not wanting to do this shit for a living.

    Take care all

    • Srry to hear about the crap man. I hope things pan out better over then next few days Andrew. HOLLY CRAP MAN! That lens is scary! I left some comments. Thanks for taking the trouble to show us. Really appreciate that.

      Just Googled those song titles, but have oats on the boil. Will get back to you on that soon enough. I hope today is a better one for you and yours.

      Take care and thanks again 🙂

  2. Hi all I have put a few shots of my photosniper on Flickr,


    Focusing is done with the large silver dial underneath the lens and at the moment I am firing the shutter with a remote switch taped to the handle, but hope to convert the trigger to fire the remote switch when I get some time. I had to make the wooden stock as the original was missing from the set, I think that was why I got it so cheap! Harry my youngest is modelling in the album.
    If you lads ever see one of these sets at the right price snap it up and have some photosniper fun.

  3. In case you miss it Bro – I past my reply here as well to make sure you don’t miss it Andrew. Really appreciate the friendship as I do with ALL you guys – John, Danute and Pam.

    Cut and Paste:

    Hi Andrew – You know it is rare for me to reply with a quote (Right Vs Wrong Pfft) – but in this case I wanted to let you know just how switched on I think your are. I have no secrets, so don’t mind telling you – that I have on more than one occasion mentioned to my few fiends in here, just how smart – moreso so advanced way beyond your years as a human being – You have a HUGE heart man and are always there for others no matter how far they fall. There is no more words to describe how much that means to have a friend like that. Your friendship here, on flikr and even when you pop on on my Blog means the world to me. Just like in your reply here – you often throw me a livesaver …

    A huge thanks for your post here and every where else you make them. It’s awesome that you can see potential in me as you do – keep highlighting man – its working

  4. Thank you Dave for your kind words, I really don’t understand what I did to deserve them. You are full of potential Dave and you seem to excel in all you do, I really enjoy seeing what you have been doing and the places you go!. keep sharing this stuff and do what makes you happy.

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