New height record. 820 meter’s

Damn it – so much happening, I forgot to use the recommendation of music you said before Andrew. ¬†Sorry man. ūüė¶

Would you mind saying again?


The drone has been hired again.

Drone emphasis on Solar and Yard space -

Hi Guys,

Sorry it’s been a while. ¬†Still battling coming of the meds. ¬†Had a panic attack yesterday whilst out shooting for someone. ¬†Long story short, I have explicitly told them this time, that I do not like working with people over my shoulder.

They said they would let me in the house and be down the road this time. ¬†Sigh … I will still be able to feel their presence and wonder why I am even bothering. ¬†It’s more a case that they are upset with the last photographer and told me more about nosy neighbours and all that kind of shit. ¬†They really should of known better than to weight me down with all that shit. ¬†I ended up dropping one of my flashed and was not impressed with all the hype surrounding the job. ¬†I was a ball of sweat dripping all over the place.

Anyways, I have decided to go back (my wife is pushing me to do so) – this time I am going in lose clothing and can’t be fucked about whatever anyone else things. ¬†As long as no one else is there and I can take my fucking time, then I will be able to perform for the budget price they expect.

There is some more work on offer, however I wont be painted into a corner theat exceed my anxiety trigger. ¬†I don’t mind being ¬†a little out of my comfort zone, but will not go into situations that will make me ‘hate”


Packing up ready to go in about half hours time. ¬†I so much prefer Drone only work. ¬†Having said that though we do need the money to catch up on bills and actually stock the pantry with some food! ¬†– Here’s to a more successful day without so much pressure. ¬†I told them 3 hours – its a double story house with many rooms.

Goto go РOn day 13 now coming off the meds.  I think I am going to wing that battle and that is a huge thing to be proud of.  I will learn to deal with shit soon enough.

I do little video soon on my next bush walk РI like the little video updates I sometimes do Рfeels like my friends are really there.  Later guys.

Wishing you all well – other than yesterdays panic attack, I am dong quite ok ūüôā

The Second Comming


Each warhead carried a sixty kiloton yield which produced an explosion so bright, that observers from the surface of Earth could see the assault taking place with the naked eye. Frustrated officials having exhausted all the options were in total disbelief as returning data now revealed that the alien vessel had sustained no damage, nor had recoiled even an inch.

In stark contrast to the frantic atmosphere that now gripped those back on Earth, the aliens inside their spaceship were still under cryogenic stasis. Although the human assault had not scratched the alien vessel, nuclear detonations did initiate the stasis pods awakening sequence. During this process a data stream was fed directly into the alien’s brain. There were three pods with one occupant in each. A few hours later after download was complete, the aliens gathered in the control room.

There the alien‚Äôs collectively processed the downloaded information, conversing in telepathic form. The news was not good. The smallest of the three gave signal by nodding its head and broke the connection thus ending the session. The two larger figures then took up positions behind a console each, whilst the other ‚Äď who appeared to be their leader ‚Äď took the only chair centered on the bridge. Above the heads of each three, a compartment door quickly retracted whilst a tethered helmet began to descend. The leader now seated and with helmet attached, gave another signal by nodding its head.

Back on Earth the news had come in, that the alien space craft had just broken orbit. Their spaceship could now be seen as a huge fireball descending through the atmosphere. The aliens were now broadcasting in multiple languages. All forms of communications devices across the planet currently accessed or not, received the following repetitive message:

‚ÄúMeet us at Megiddo.‚ÄĚ

Not everyone agreed with military action and now feared retaliation. Whilst many feared for their lives, religious leaders were now reading into the significance of the intended landing site. It is prophesied that Megiddo will be the staging platform of an invasion to wipe out all those who do not believe in the One True God. It would be a New Dawn that paves the way for a New Heaven on Earth and rid the planet of sin. Given that the Church controlled the World States; officials had now done a backflip and prepped to roll out the red carpet.

Surrounding the small hill of Megiddo, from one horizon to the other was a sea of people with more pouring in. One part of the landscape remained unmoved with folk dressed in monastic robes sitting in silence. Others were on their knees and bowing repeatedly atop their mats. Louder still were crowds with raised hands speaking in tongues that made no sense. Many were carrying heavy crosses, lighting candles, chanting, dancing, singing and crying. This was all taking place under a dark shadow cast by the city sized ship, which sat motionless several hundred meters above. Then suddenly a hush befell the crowds as the landscape and all within were now awash with an array of lights, coming from numerous points beneath the ship.

The silence was short lived as part of the hull dropped away with engines thundering to which now appeared, another vessel descending from the mothership. As this vessel neared its mark, it grew in size and pushed the crowds back with a cloud of dust. The sound of its engines roaring once more, slowing the ships decent whilst several segmented struts extended from the vessel. Each strut had a flat landing foot that sunk several inches into the ground as the ship had now came to complete rest. A huge opening under the belly of the craft appeared as several sections of the hull retracted and a ramp slowly extended to the ground.

Those who had not attended in person were as captivated as those on scene. Humanity had come to a complete stop as all eyes now watched the alien figure as it emerged from the opening and onto the ramp. Wearing a white robe with a hood hung low, the alien figure carried an illuminated staff that seemed to be surging with jolts of electricity. The aspirations of those clinging to hope had now turned to fear, as the reality of what was unfolding had only now just set in. Once at the bottom of ramp the alien lifted its staff and turned its head. At that moment all present experienced a sudden chill; an experience that only comes with a knowing of one’s end. But before such a climatic finish, the alien reached up with its free hand and pulled back its hood.

With deeply set eyes, encased below a prominent brow ridge did this alien‚Äôs enraged gaze, now pierce the hearts of all those present. With hand now tightly clenched around raised staff, hair above its low forehead began to stand, its nose flattened on chinless face and teeth beginning to show. Before the people of Earth could comprehend just how acquainted this alien be, did this ape like figure growl ‚Äď then speak in a familiar tongue;

‚ÄúHumans ‚Ķ Be Gone!‚ÄĚ

It was on that last syllable that the staff made contact with the ground. A burst of energy set forth throughout all the land. There was no escape as the ripple of energy encompassed the planet disintegrating all mankind and manmade things. What little remained, gave testament to how selfish and destructive these humans had been. Bitter sweet it was for these ape like creatures. Thankful to of awoken from their stasis pods at all, but shocked to of seen this planet in such a state. Never before had they encountered such an evolutionary mutation. Several more motherships entered orbit and prepped to reseed.

Wellbeing Update: Physically on edge but remaining hopeful.

Have been suffering with a sick tummy of late. ¬†The tingles still come in waves or at least present in the background with mild sweats. ¬†Coming off the meds: I’m on day six with six¬†nights gone. ¬†I feel hungry still, but get sick when I eat. ¬†This morning I have returned¬†to oats and sipping water. ¬†I think the hunger feeling is not as bad as the sickness that comes after eating.

Fatigue is quite present as well – I’m now managing¬†that with some vitamin supplements, laying down, short gentle walks outdoors¬†and keeping hydrated with clear fluids

Today¬†I will¬†shave myself¬†as I can feel little creepy sensations all over my hairy body. ¬†Not going stress about scabies having previously suffered that affliction, but it’s annoying enough to make me want to shave head, face and wash the sheets.

I’ve been¬†sneezing as well. I estimate as least another 3 weeks of feeling¬†unwell as described. ¬†I refuse to fall into a pattern that seeks no end. ¬†Instead I bide my time and relish each breath that gives relief. ¬†Tonight marks the end of one fell week with only three to go. ¬†I am positive the end of the first month will have me set to begin walking more regularly, eating well and sleeping longer.

The mindset¬†¬†I now brace and will¬†have established¬†then¬†,shall see me¬†steady for the yards I¬†continue to set. ¬†It’s as if my exercise has begun, despite¬†not pumping any sets yet. – Stretching is something I now toy with during the day and before bed.

Time for that shave ūüôā

Morning Walk

Yea – I’ll post here and if this changes, I’ll let you know ūüôā

Still got the sniffles with this mornings walk marking day six off the meds.

I’m a little foggy and still waking up with no specifics yet on my mind. ¬†I’d like to continue the walks ¬†as they are not at this point anything near excretion at all. ¬†Just a point in forming healthy habits.

Going in town today to catch up with my youngest son who recently moved out. ¬†My wife and I are going in together. ¬†We’ll be giving him a driving lesson. ¬†I’m hoping my wife will be the one in the front seat.

I think I shall continues waking up.

You guys take care ūüôā