New Sic-Fi Movies Out – “The Giver”

I find it’s not often that a good sci-fi hits the screens these days.  Finally I came across something with an interesting story that touches many of the issues I hold dear to myself. Many issues that lead me to giving up in this life.

Perhaps you guys have already seen it? – I don’t want to spoil anything so will be careful on my thoughts regarding this movie.  I sense an irony in the message as I saw it being revealed throughout the movie.  The plot is in the above youtube link – I just want to share the irony.

I actually like the ideas of sameness!  I do understand the sales pitch on individuality and uniqueness too.  Equality dose not mean everything be the same – The more nature is studied, the more one can see how chaos gives way to an order of events – a sequence of steps that must be taken before fruition takes place.

Emotion is the key subject in this movie – As is the ruling class and to what extent they are willing to go in order to keep the balance as is stands within there well controlled society.   It would appear the rulers use the same techniques that they preach to avoid in order to keep harmony.

Whilst this becomes evident to all citizens towards the end of the movie – I could not find it more ironic that it end on a “religious tone”  You’ll have to watch the movie to understand my take on that.

In fact – whilst a great story … I found a lot of irony in it being more a story to sell emotion in much the same way it is sold today.  The selling of Faith from a different angle – The anti-meds whilst specific to suppressing emotion could also be seen a a detriment to the necessity of so many who need medicine to remain balanced in an unbalanced world.

There is more to it – and whilst it starts of in a really good direction for my liking – I see it ending right where the damage begun and again; more a sales pitch for religiosity. But HEY – I’m seen as cynical – what do I know.

I think the following movie highlights just how fallible we humans be:

Both very interesting movies.  I guess that’s two good movies in a short space of time – I’m happy with that. 🙂



3 thoughts on “New Sic-Fi Movies Out – “The Giver”

  1. Yep – would be good if we could actually use technology like that. There is enough tech that man does not need to work as he/she does. Instead we would all be happy to serve and enjoy helping others as it should be. But NO – people want to be high on More and love show boating their invested emotion -> which is so clearly depicted in the closing chapter of “The Giver” – Despite all that pain.

    I was pleased that my wife saw this too – they showed the Muslims in that movie as a BAD experience – the way that movie was portrayed is somewhat troubling. But that’s just our opinion.

    All the same, it was good to see Jeff Bridges – I liked him in starman – I think he was in starman? Somthing like that.

    Hope you all had a good night.

  2. I have not seen either movie yet but the Giver looks good i am undecided on transcendence . I like both Jeff bridges and Johnny Depp so i will prob. end up seeing both. Peace man.

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