Did some more work today –

I’m not sure how much work the real-estate will have for me, but it’s been good pocket money and experience to learn more of my photography hobby. I have a lot of video footage to go through yet.  I manage to finish one video thus far in the last 24 hours.  I just made a quick 40 second add like production show casing one of the local park/beaches.  I can’t really show those ones – but I can share a photo that I liked whilst out doing more video footage for my next project:

Toogoom Reis Rd

Cloudy day,I like the illumination happening here. Highlights one of the subjects the real estate wants videoed.  Beach front and all.  I also like the looming shadows for the expanse it brings to my own minds eye; which by the way has me and my wife seeing some of these photos differently.  Shadows are not the enemy and you can’t have light without the dark and all that jazz … none the less … I think I will be on of few that likes this one.

Getting the drone into position can be quite a challenge as to thereafter tilting the camera just right … bla bla bla … This is my favorite Real estate shot for today.


On other fronts – things are getting out of hand with the eldest boy.  Lots of manipulation going in with the other kids ringing to tell my wife and I what hopeless parents we be.  My wife finally got jack of it and reminded them how it was that I actually lived in the streets and went on from there.  I don’t like getting into comparisons – but this time I simply thought “you go you good thing!” – for so long my wife and I have been turned against eachother in these little button pushing games so many of us play – but this time, whilst my wife was using the comparison to highlight how grateful they should be as opposed to humiliating me and my wife – I just thought it was good to see her taking a stand with me for a change.  It was a good change and felt good.

We can’t take too much more of the kids handing out the parental guilt and all the other BS that goes hand in hand with separating from the tit – Sigh … My wife is quite ill today as a result from all the stress – a reminder that some of us older ones need out space so so many years after the eggs have hatched.  The welfare system currently has many young ones fighting to stay at home and is rather feeding the welfare mentality as opposed to providing a means for kids to integrate and become independent.

Both my wife and I have come up with a list of alternatives for the lad to spread his wings and cast his shadow somewhere more suited to his needs.  The free rent and board can no longer be sustained with the ongoing stress of the now volatile and unstable dynamics that now have us all fighting again.

If it keeps up, we are going to move into a small place – but really don’t have the means right now – the kids are just going to have to realize we are not meant to be in each others pockets – if you can’t work – be grateful for the services that are there to help one eat, sleep and breath …

Not sure where its all going to lead – ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  I think my wife needs to stand more often by my side, so the kids can see that the game is up – No more shedding the guilt on our door – Door is still open, but not open to abuse anymore!


4 thoughts on “Did some more work today –

  1. I agree with you 100 percent on that Dave. More and more i see kids staying with their parents into their 30’s which is fine if they contribute but if they just want a free ride then hit the road. I love my folks but just can’t be around them more than a day or so, I left at 18. Yes i lived in some pretty miserable places but it all works out.
    I think when the time comes i will allow my kids the opportunity to stay only if they contribute and stay out of my business especially if they go to the local collage. I am pretty sure my oldest will be ready to hit the road, she already butts heads with the wife. I do not understand why mother and daughter fight so much it drives me mad. I guess there comes a time that a parent has to use a tough love approach to there kids as much as it hurts. For now my kids are young and i will not try to think about them leaving as it gives me anxiety but the older they get the better it sounds, hehehe.
    Peace to you and your’s Dave
    Love the pics as always man

    • I appreciate the commiserations. Whilst many of us suffer the same problems, some of go through it much longer than others. Unfortunately living in a world that encourages “favorites” and one that loves to toy with emotion – I find much is unbalance with regards to healthy relationships – especially in families.

      That’s just my 2 cents. My other kids have come to better appreciate what we have done with them, “after” they had to go it alone. The oldest has been couch surfing for years in the interests of having more change to play with at the end of the fortnight.

      I can understand the mentally unstable having a hard time dealing with the process responsibility (not discounting the addiction to have more – I too need to assess myself on that score) – but in such cases, I believe crisis accommodation with a will to want to get by is adequate enough and quite a lesson more people should endure. Unfortunately I do not believe there are enough services for the growing need, to assist the byproduct of todays emotionally hooked societies –

      I leave it at that lest I go into a rant – which I seek not to give up … I like writing when I can keep a level head … Draw from all those psychotic babbles of the past few weeks.

      Thanks John and Danuta – really thankful for your presence and wishing both your families well – and also thinking of your own discomforts with regards to enduring as well all do.

      You are good peoples 🙂

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