Pushing the limits of my Drone

Thanks for the encouragement about how high can you go. I’ve been taking things slow in this respect as many people have lost their drones hap haphazardly flying into the clouds.  I have now taken my drone to its modified limits with the screws in the back of the RC controller (transmitter) – My next step will be to modify with software settings, however before I get carried away with that – I need to get my eye in with regard to composition at 500m first. A friend of mine thinks that the footage is useless at such a hight, however I disagree.  You have to remember that the drone is a camera and every time you send it up, you have to think about where you are standing, the filed of view at whatever distance and hight.

I think the major difference between my friend and I, is that I think of the drone more as a camera, as opposed to just a toy.  OR – although it can be used to take shoot and go pics – when it comes to Ariel photography – many of the same photography skills used for composition – still apply no matter how high one goes.

I am really stoked with the 500m mark now for taking like wise aerial shots that I came up with today.  500m will be my cap for now as I work my way back down – changing the angle and distance depending on the subject I go out to shoot.

I now go back to practicing video editing – that one I really have to take my time learning.

Toogoom - Fraser Waters Estate

It can be hard to find the right shot using just a little phone screen.  Phone screens lack the display brightness compared to your average compact camera or better yet – DSLR display screen.  I’m learning though to get my eye in.


On other fronts – the psychiatrist I saw at the community mental health clinic has adjusted my meds – taking meds at night now.  150mg of slow release seroquel (XR) @ 6pm – then 50mg or Fast release @ 9pm. (Bedtime – or therafter ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz)

No more issues with having to take shit in the mornings!  I was not really complying with that.  Also got the name of a New Psychiatrist that bulk bills and thus refereed by todays shrink – Have to go to my GP and sort that out – that is septate to the 12 month mental health plan to which I see a therapists on average at six weekly intervals.

That’s the plan for now – My eldest boy is going to see if he can get assistance with a caravan for out in the back yard.  It’s an alternative – will have to just see what happens there.  That’s a wraps for today. 😉


3 thoughts on “Pushing the limits of my Drone

  1. Hi Dave,

    So glad you are doing so well with your drone! It seems to have stoked a new passion for you. Hope your adjusted meds are working well for you.

    I’m sorry I’ve sort of dropped off the face of the planet. Had much going on, son is being somewhat difficult going back to school, and mother-in-law is in what is considered a crisis situation and is now short listed for admission to a nursing home. I’ve also gone back to work, only 4 hours a day but wow, that is really tiring me out.

    I think that once I get the mother in law settled and that stress is off me I should be able to cope with things much better. Right now it feels a little like a powder keg.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I think of you often, even if I don’t get a chance to write. I also miss everyone else, Andrew, John and Danuta, I hope you are all well.

    Take care guys, I will try to pop in more often!
    Cheers my friends,

  2. Pam – so pleased to hear from you. Srry to hear about the stressed of which you mention. I hope things pan out sooner than later. Work sure can be tiring when one have been out of the loop for a bit – After uploading my most recent picture, I have been offered more work by the same realestate –

    I’m feeling for ya Pam – I hope you feel more like a cloud in due time. 🙂

    Peace Out all – big day. — SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU PAM … TY for popping in – greatly appreciated.

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