Voluntary Admission – Base Hospital – Mental Health

20140922_082233I guess a mobile phone has it’s uses for journals like these.  Two things here that stand out.  My loyal nature bag that is always by my side.

If you guys know me, your either chuckling and or sympathetic to yet again – Dave and his hang up with media and TV screens.  I won’t bother telling you how many people told me I could turn it on.

Long story short:

I started an augment with my eldest Son.  My wife pulled over after seeing a parked police car.  The police found it hard to believe I did not  know the dates of birth of my children and indicated that I was refusing to co-operate.  I lost control because they would not see I was struggling to answer their questions but instead they kept saying I was being difficult.

Just a hairs breath short of being arrested, my wife and son went on, whilst I was left to walk on by the side of a main road busy with traffic.

Feeling a bit dizzy now – I am still in this room here. Been here since 11am yesterday – now 9am the next day.  Have seen nurses, doctor and phsycitrist who is adusting meds and setting me up to have more regular visits at the main streme clinic to which you have heard me complain about.

I think I have to wait to see a following up shrink before they let me go.  I have to say, I don’t feel like going home, because when any tension arises I  the first to blame and I know “They gravitate against me the hate is thick in the air” yet I have no where to go and the feeling of that is overwhealming.

But – If no objections on my return, I think an attempt to go bush for a few days is in gtreat need.

I know,,,,, always up and down with me ,,,,

one thing is for sure, whilst I have internet connection I will keep my journal going.

Take care guys, hang in there 🙂


5 thoughts on “Voluntary Admission – Base Hospital – Mental Health

  1. Hi Dave I am so pleased you are free! my Dad came around this evening and he has been watching your Drone videos with great interest. He was very impressed with it and how clear the video is! I think widebay has gained a groupie lol.

    Hi Danuta and John hoping all is good with you guy’s.

  2. 🙂 all good Andrew – Just going to now quickly edit a hight test I did with thd drone and “still” editing the National Park one where I am yet to camp out. LOL – I am glad your Dad like the drone vids.

    catch up later guys – have an appointment with the follow up docs. Wising you all well.

    Danuta – Is Pam OK???

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