Soon to start my journal again

I keep saying it – but it’s a must, given that it usually serves me well.

This was part of my day out yesterday – always seems to be a fire burning. 🙂

Nice spot for an RV down there.  Met a guy who wanted to know more about he drone.  He was a good sport that seemed to care less for the hype back in town.  Had a good chat.

Wongi Lake Lenthal


4 thoughts on “Soon to start my journal again

  1. Good question John I’m not quite sure. I’m a little worried about attempting to go 500m high. That’s a half click upwards ans coming down will chew more battery than going up. Then there is the change in atmospheric conditions. Basically, although safety measures are built in, such a test could deplete the battery and have the unit drop out of the sky. Drift is another factor despite the inbuilt GPS.

    Alas’ I will attempt such a test anyway. 🙂

  2. Well pleased you had such a good day out Dave! go steady with that Drone don’t push it too far and bloody lose it. Hi John hope things are good with you too, I have had a nice day as well i’ve been out and about with the camera enjoying the autumn sunshine and trying to get some bird shots in, not much success but the peace was still nice.

    • Thanks man. I can’t tell you guys what it means to me, seeing your comments. Whilst I struggle with people in general, having a few online friends makes things less painful.

      I make one more post before popping into flikr – You are now my inspiration to get back into nature photography. 🙂

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