My first compilation with sound.

It’s taking quite a bit of time – I need to get sound editing software that plays the video in sequence. Still kiddys stuff – but its been fun. ūüôā


New Sic-Fi Movies Out – “The Giver”

I find it’s not often that a good sci-fi hits the screens these days. ¬†Finally I came across something with an interesting story that touches many of the issues I hold dear to myself. Many issues that lead me to giving up in this life.

Perhaps you guys have already seen it? – I don’t want to spoil anything so will be careful on my thoughts regarding this movie. ¬†I sense an irony in the message as I saw it being revealed throughout the movie. ¬†The plot is in the above youtube link – I just want to share the irony.

I actually like the ideas of sameness!  I do understand the sales pitch on individuality and uniqueness too.  Equality dose not mean everything be the same РThe more nature is studied, the more one can see how chaos gives way to an order of events Рa sequence of steps that must be taken before fruition takes place.

Emotion is the key subject in this movie РAs is the ruling class and to what extent they are willing to go in order to keep the balance as is stands within there well controlled society.   It would appear the rulers use the same techniques that they preach to avoid in order to keep harmony.

Whilst this becomes evident to all citizens towards the end of the movie – I could not find it more ironic that it end on a “religious tone”¬†¬†You’ll have to watch the movie to understand my take on that.

In fact – whilst a great story … I found a lot of irony in it being more a story to sell emotion in much the same way it is sold today. ¬†The selling of Faith from a different angle – The anti-meds whilst specific to suppressing emotion could also be seen a a detriment to the necessity of so many who need medicine to remain balanced in an unbalanced world.

There is more to it – and whilst it starts of in a really good direction for my liking – I see it ending right where the damage begun and again; more a sales pitch for religiosity. But HEY – I’m seen as cynical – what do I know.

I think the following movie highlights just how fallible we humans be:

Both very interesting movies. ¬†I guess that’s two good movies in a short space of time – I’m happy with that. ūüôā


Did some more work today –

I’m not sure how much work the real-estate will have for me, but it’s been good pocket money and experience to learn more of my photography hobby. I have a lot of video footage to go through yet. ¬†I manage to finish one video thus far in the last 24 hours. ¬†I just made a quick 40 second add like production show casing one of the local park/beaches. ¬†I can’t really show those ones – but I can share a photo that I liked whilst out doing more video footage for my next project:

Toogoom Reis Rd

Cloudy day,I like the illumination happening here. Highlights one of the subjects the real estate wants videoed. ¬†Beach front and all. ¬†I also like the looming shadows for the expanse it brings to my own minds eye; which by the way has me and my wife seeing some of these photos differently. ¬†Shadows are not the enemy and you can’t have light without the dark and all that jazz … none the less … I think I will be on of few that likes this one.

Getting the drone into position can be quite a challenge as to thereafter tilting the camera just right … bla bla bla … This is my favorite Real estate shot for today.


On other fronts – things are getting out of hand with the eldest boy. ¬†Lots of manipulation going in with the other kids ringing to tell my wife and I what hopeless parents we be. ¬†My wife finally got jack of it and reminded them how it was that I actually lived in the streets and went on from there. ¬†I don’t like getting into comparisons – but this time I simply thought “you go you good thing!” – for so long my wife and I have been turned against eachother in these little button pushing games so many of us play – but this time, whilst my wife was using the comparison to highlight how grateful they should be as opposed to humiliating me and my wife – I just thought it was good to see her taking a stand with me for a change. ¬†It was a good change and felt good.

We can’t take too much more of the kids handing out the parental guilt and all the other BS that goes hand in hand with separating from the tit – Sigh … My wife is quite ill today as a result from all the stress – a reminder that some of us older ones need out space so so many years after the eggs have hatched. ¬†The welfare system currently has many young ones fighting to stay at home and is rather feeding the welfare mentality as opposed to providing a means for kids to integrate and become independent.

Both my wife and I have come up with a list of alternatives for the lad to spread his wings and cast his shadow somewhere more suited to his needs.  The free rent and board can no longer be sustained with the ongoing stress of the now volatile and unstable dynamics that now have us all fighting again.

If it keeps up, we are going to move into a small place – but really don’t have the means right now – the kids are just going to have to realize we are not meant to be in each others pockets – if you can’t work – be grateful for the services that are there to help one eat, sleep and breath …

Not sure where its all going to lead РZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  I think my wife needs to stand more often by my side, so the kids can see that the game is up РNo more shedding the guilt on our door РDoor is still open, but not open to abuse anymore!

Wongi State Forest

This one took me a whiles, as I’m still learning how to reverse, slow plus use transitions effectively and a few other things. ¬†I have a long way to go, but there are getting a little more seamless for the most part. ¬†Text is still cheesy but that will be next on the list as too using music. ¬†ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pushing the limits of my Drone

Thanks for the encouragement about how high can you go. I’ve been taking things slow in this respect as many people have lost their drones hap haphazardly flying into the clouds. ¬†I have now taken my drone to its modified limits with the screws in the back of the RC controller (transmitter) – My next step will be to modify with software settings, however before I get carried away with that – I need to get my eye in with regard to composition at 500m first. A friend of mine thinks that the footage is useless at such a hight, however I disagree. ¬†You have to remember that the drone is a camera and every time you send it up, you have to think about where you are standing, the filed of view at whatever distance and hight.

I think the major difference between my friend and I, is that I think of the drone more as a camera, as opposed to just a toy.  OR Рalthough it can be used to take shoot and go pics Рwhen it comes to Ariel photography Рmany of the same photography skills used for composition Рstill apply no matter how high one goes.

I am really stoked with the 500m mark now for taking like wise aerial shots that I came up with today.  500m will be my cap for now as I work my way back down Рchanging the angle and distance depending on the subject I go out to shoot.

I now go back to practicing video editing – that one I really have to take my time learning.

Toogoom - Fraser Waters Estate

It can be hard to find the right shot using just a little phone screen. ¬†Phone screens lack the display brightness compared to your average compact camera or better yet – DSLR display screen. ¬†I’m learning though to get my eye in.


On other fronts Рthe psychiatrist I saw at the community mental health clinic has adjusted my meds Рtaking meds at night now.  150mg of slow release seroquel (XR) @ 6pm Рthen 50mg or Fast release @ 9pm. (Bedtime Рor therafter ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz)

No more issues with having to take shit in the mornings!  I was not really complying with that.  Also got the name of a New Psychiatrist that bulk bills and thus refereed by todays shrink РHave to go to my GP and sort that out Рthat is septate to the 12 month mental health plan to which I see a therapists on average at six weekly intervals.

That’s the plan for now – My eldest boy is going to see if he can get assistance with a caravan for out in the back yard. ¬†It’s an alternative – will have to just see what happens there. ¬†That’s a wraps for today. ūüėČ

500M Altitude Test

I believe this was just under 500m РNote the tree tops on the other side of bridge as I am taking off.  There was a fair bit  of wind Рover all I am happy to know the limits of the drone.  It helps me better to set up for a composition.  I can see a place for such high altitude shots.

I just check out a mod and gave the screws on my controller another few turns here and there.  Have to go into town for now, but will do another height test later.

Voluntary Admission – Base Hospital – Mental Health

20140922_082233I guess a mobile phone has it’s uses for journals like these. ¬†Two things here that stand out. ¬†My loyal nature bag that is always by my side.

If you guys know me, your either chuckling and or sympathetic to yet again – Dave and his hang up with media and TV screens. ¬†I won’t bother telling you how many people told me I could turn it on.

Long story short:

I started an augment with my eldest Son.  My wife pulled over after seeing a parked police car.  The police found it hard to believe I did not  know the dates of birth of my children and indicated that I was refusing to co-operate.  I lost control because they would not see I was struggling to answer their questions but instead they kept saying I was being difficult.

Just a hairs breath short of being arrested, my wife and son went on, whilst I was left to walk on by the side of a main road busy with traffic.

Feeling a bit dizzy now РI am still in this room here. Been here since 11am yesterday Рnow 9am the next day.  Have seen nurses, doctor and phsycitrist who is adusting meds and setting me up to have more regular visits at the main streme clinic to which you have heard me complain about.

I think I have to wait to see a following up shrink before they let me go. ¬†I have to say, I don’t feel like going home, because when any tension arises I ¬†the first to blame and I know “They gravitate against me the hate is thick in the air” yet I have no where to go and the feeling of that is overwhealming.

But – If no objections on my return, I think an attempt to go bush for a few days is in gtreat need.

I know,,,,, always up and down with me ,,,,

one thing is for sure, whilst I have internet connection I will keep my journal going.

Take care guys, hang in there ūüôā