Hi guys – how you all doing?


Got some experience flying in HIGH winds today – in fact I have not really stopped since I got it.  🙂 – Now this photo is a slap together job, just a press of the button without a care and a little TLC in Photoshop.  I’m still too caught up in the flying and also the attention to give too much attention to actually taking snaps yet.

You won’t believe but the real estate had to put off the appointment yet again. I laugh now to think of that given how much angst I have had and also how I am not almost loosing interest.  Hard to explain – bit like being offered a lolly, that by the time its up for the taking, I’ve moved on.  So it is AGAIN I say, I’ll let you know how my first house shoot goes after tomorrow – touch wood.

Andrew – I’ll slip by flikr after this and check things there.  It goes without saying that you have far surpassed me and taken photography to a whole new level.  Hope you are well John – Pam and Danuta.

SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – what a day.  I have been rather busy of late.  I just hope I can pull off this first hurdle with the photo shoot.

Here is my latest drone Test video – pulled off 800m – next I want to get in 1.6km across the radius.


11 thoughts on “Hi guys – how you all doing?

  1. Very cool vids Dave! You know, we might have a tendency to lose interrest in things, I know I do, more often than I care to admit. As a 6 or 7 year old my school teacher used to call me “little miss butterfly” as I never settled to do anything for more than a few minutes. That being said, every once in a while something really grabs our attention and we become almost obsessive about it. Somehow I think you can relate Dave, this drone has really captured your attention, so simply go with it as long as it lasts.

    So, I’m starting Day 3 of quitting smoking. I’m doing alright with it, but have had a couple of puffs of husbands ciggy. Husband definitely could not handle the cold turkey thing, he was a very heavy smoker so the first 7 hours he did were bad. We decided to cut him back first so now, rather than smoking 30 cigarettes in a day he gets 12. And there is absolutely no smoking in the house which makes it easier for me. We will reduce his allotment over the next few weeks. This makes it harder for me but I will get there. This really isn’t any more difficult than the withdrawls from the ADs. All I’m looking at right now is the Huge amount of money I am saving. Between the 2 of us it was $140 a week. Now it will be down to $35, a far sight better!

    Today is hubby’s birthday, kind of feel guilty I don’t have a gift for him, $$ is rather tight, but I did pay for a tattoo he’s wanted for the last 30 years, so I guess that will have to do.

    Anyway friends, that’s a little bit about my world for the moment. Next time I will tell you about my latest drama of autistic son parading through the neighbourhood in only his underwear. That was a treat let me tell you.

    For now be well everyone! Keep flying Dave!

    • That’s good news Pam. I wish you the very best with giving up smoking. Your right, it’s going to be hard, especially with hubby smocking. Always remember if you slip, you can simply just try again.

      I love butterflies. I’m down for being one. 🙂

      Thanks John – 🙂 …………..

      Be well guys.

  2. Hi guy’s that would give me the willies flying that drone that far away! are you not afraid that it will go out out range and it just keeps going?. That picture from the drone is lovely I never ceased to be amazed at the natural beauty you have there, thank you again for the kind comments on my photography you are being far too generous.

    I hope you are feeling better john, well done on the giving up smoking Pam bloody tough one that! I look forward to your tale I hope it wasn’t serious.
    Danuta sounds like you had a good time with your girls nice one.

  3. Hi Dave!

    Thought I would pop my head in to say hi!

    I’m doing quite well. Hope you are doing well too. Just wondering how your garden is doing these days.

    Take care

  4. Hi Dave!

    Just thought I would take a few minutes to pop in and say hi!

    This may be a bit long, I’m going to try to catch you up with the comings and goings of the past few weeks. First I appologize for any weird spelling, I just got my nails done and the typing is a bit funky, so on that note I must be feeling better since the old vanity gene had kicked in and I actually care about how my nails look. Step in the right direction I say! Lol

    The quitting smoking thing has had it’s ups and downs I have fallen off the wagon a few times but for the most part I am doing well with it. This Friday will mark 3 weeks that no one has smoked in my house. I’m really pleased with that as I am madder than hell at myself for allowing it to happen in the first place. The crap on the walls, windows and every surface is disgusting and it took me the better part of a week to clean the windows and blinds. These blinds are quite like shutters and are a royal pain in the ass to clean properly. But now that job is done and I feel good about it.

    I have moved on to painting our living room, it hasn’t been done in 11 years so it needed doing anyway. Wow! I’ve realized that I’m in really bad shape. The pain in my back and shoulders is Rediculous after painting for a day that I need to take a day off after every wall I do. I have 1 wall left in this room, 2 coats of primer to seal in all the gunk that doesn’t wash off then 2 coats of paint. Then the trim, but that won’t be too bad.

    Along with this project my son has gone back to school. I don’t know what it is but Tuesdays seem to be bad for him. Last week he ran away from school, police involved to find him. It was a pretty nerve racking thing. This Tuesday past something set him off and he decided that strolling down the halls of the school in the buff was a good idea. Yes, I kid you not, he took off every stitch of clothing and went for a stroll. You can only imagine how I felt when I got the call from the school. Mortified just begins to scratch the surface. Oh well, I have to take it as it comes and remind myself that he doesn’t do drugs or drink like so many his age are doing, that I really don’t have it too bad.

    Ok, so what’s next… Yesterday was potato harvest day. You will remember that I planted potatoes in a garbage bin. Well I am really pleased with the harvest. I got about 22 potatoes, many the size of grapefruit so I am pleased. They will make 5 or 6 meals for us, not a huge amount but better than nothing. I posted a pic in the forum in your desktop thread.

    All in all I’m doing well, a few days here and there where I get spun but not too bad. We’ve had some really terrible storms around here lately and as you know I don’t do well with that, but hopefully as fall continues to approach the severity of the storms will die out.

    I’m back to work in a week and a half. Been working with my therapist on that issue since that seems to be the one thing that sends me into a tizzy. I’ve also been working on the anger and resentment I feel toward my mother in law. She has dementia, mid stage alzhimers disease and her needs are becoming greater with each day and week that passes. I am working on getting her put into long term care, yes I feel guilty about that but the reality is I don’t have the strength to deal with her on a daily basis for much longer.

    So, that’s it in a nut shell. Lots going on. I miss seeing and speaking with you Dave. I hope things are going well for you. I did get the message from Danuta that you said Hi, and it is that that madee realize I have been neglecting the people who have become very important to me. So I appologize for the neglect and will stop in here more frequently to touch base.

    Be well Dave. As always I remain your friend,


  5. It looks Pam that your hands are full. You need incredible strength to deal with all this. Cleaning the windows in the car , the smoker car is terrible. I had been there and done that:)
    I hope Pam you keep it strong. Dave feels better, I had visited the forum, for few minutes and it is a good news 🙂

    • Lol. Yes Danuta the car is awful, I count myself lucky in that regard, my car died a year and a half ago and I’ve done without since then. Can’t afford one right now. So I don’t have to deal with that one !

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