Getting There –




In the below one, now that I look at it again, there seems to be some back burning going on in the far distance on the point, or maybe its just a cloud?





Hi guys,
I really have been in a rut of late – BUT – pleased to say I am starting to get a little more driven with this drone.  Every Time I get new tech and go off the rails some and get fixated with that until I can grasp it somewhat.  Bit like with people too I guess.  Trust is a very overrated commodity these days.

I had issues with the drone and had to learn to fix it myself – I simply could not send it back and wait months to hear back.  I keep telling the lads in the forum that its like getting a 3D printer all over again.  Huge Learning Curve and not quite as easy as the supplier makes out.  None the less I did fix a major issue after pulling it apart and following some youtube guides.

SO – I really must make this Aerial Photography Blog and take you guys on a journey with me.  I still rate you guys as my best friends which makes me angry when I think about the councilor her used the term “Your Own Little World” – I thought about you guys being a part of that and thought my world is not so little and really resented this person who then went on to advice me she would let me know when she adopts a different style of tact in dealing with me – Given the previous comment about my little world, I was again offended and then felt like a rat in some kind of Box, although she stated she wont put me in a box.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Fail big time on that first appointment – now looking to set up with another.   SIGH –

SO – I am yet really to do anything with the photograph – but I am getting ready to start.  For now I fight to get things done around the house.  It’s nice to share some media with you guys.

Take care.


10 thoughts on “Getting There –

  1. Good stuff my friend. Love that aerial footage and i think to myself what fun i could have with that. I to have been in a rut as of late and not really sure why. Money, age etc, etc. what ever. Peace to you and keep it coming Dave. You have a 3d printer?

  2. Jeez, your little world is bigger than hers ,,,, the pictures are so beautiful. I love it!!
    It is good to see you posting back, i mean here:))

  3. Good to see you all, I am glad you managed to get over your teething problems with your drone! I love the shots you have taken with it also the freedom it gives you to shoot from angles and places otherwise in accessible. As Danuta say’s it’s good to see you posting here again and I always enjoy your videos and shots of your lovely landscape. Own little world!!!!!!!! was she trying on purpose to get your back up hmmm,

    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time too John! thankfully I am on the up again, I think it’s just par for the course with me up and down like a bloody roller coaster thankfully t’s been more up than down of late, I hope you can climb out of that rut.

    Good to see you too Danuta I hope all is well with you and your family.

    If you read this Pam hello and I hope things are ok with you too.

  4. I’m just glad you guys are still around also. John any chance you can link me to your flikr page again. I am terribly lazy, but could check my PMs back in the forum, however think I might of deleted them to make room.

    Andrew, I have to say that your passion and skills is quite amazing and I’m simply awed each time I go in to upload something and see your work cross my page.

    Danuta – it’s just as inspirational to see your own activity posted on yours as well. This is why I need johns page as well – so I can follow you too john. Not that I mean to spy on you guys. 🙂

    It feels good to be posting again. 🙂

  5. Hi Dave, Hi Guys!
    Starting to climb out of my cave. Things are definitely looking up! Saw psdoc yesterday and think this will probably work out ok. The minute he started making analogies to Star Trek, I knew I could work with him.

    As it turns out, I seem to be all Spock or Data. I try too hard to be all logical and unemotional, and suppress far too much emotion, which sends me into a downward spiral. Apparently I am human, an emotional creature ( what? Human? Who would have thought!) and need to find better channels for the emotions I suppress. Started with my old paper and pen journal and it seems to be working wonders for me.

    Dave, so glad to see your posts. Looks like that drone is one amazing piece of technology! Enjoy the learning curve. You are a very smart man, you will get all these things figured out in no time!

    John, I hope you find your way out of the rut you are in. I think sometimes it just happens and you get to a point that a shift in thinking just comes about and you start to see the light. Be kind to yourself, it will happen.

    Andrew, I know the roller coaster you ride well. Do whatever you can to make the most of it.

    Danuta, my lovely friend, I miss you so much! I’m so in love with the pics you have been posting of your garden. The canas at the front of your house are spectacular, I’m jealous.

    Just a quick garden update. The green beans are just about done. Have been eating them for weeks and will miss not having them when they are finished. Carrots are again a bumper crop. At this point they are still young enough to be succulent, I should have a couple of months of fresh carrots yet to come.

    That’s it my friends, be kind to yourselves!

  6. Pam is good to hear from you. Yeah Cana lillies are shockingly beautiful. It is first for me, and I decide I will take the pain of digging it out and planting on spring. Suppressing emotions causes depression and panic attacks, I know it from my life:). You have to do it due your situation in home. Somehow you need to let the emotions show itself. I do not know if I make sense. I have problem to cry. I cry once a year maybe, and it is not good. Good cry is cleansing..
    Dave I do not mean to hack but this is the first time I had seen Pam in weeks.
    It seems you are our anchor:) thank you Dave for being you. 🙂

  7. Hello friends. Glad your doing a little better Pam and yea – it’s great to hear form you 🙂

    Please by all means Danuta – I am unable to read everyone as I am feeling sick regarding the real estate work. I know it’s my anxiety. Feeling very dizzy and have major head ache. I must arrear one sorry woos the way I handle anxiety. The real estate lady is quite good about it though. I was on call but the day did not pan out as planned – we were told is was put off, but then I got another message saying if I wanted to come as someone else could meet me,

    My wife left for town after we were told it was off. I had to decline as my wife being with me is is a huge support for me. The average people who are blessed in life, don’t really understand how debilitation Anxiety can be. I think I might post in the forum.

    I truly am sorry I have not responded to you all. I’m feeling like such a sap – but to be fair, after waiting and then it being called off – I committed myself as I do to other tasks. Getting that call to then change – Scared the shit out of me and made me more sick. Again – many people think its all in your head – but I assure you, mine is chemical and it can make me real sick.

    I was confronted yesterday aggressively with some guy driving up onto the park field – right up to me. I was so rattled that I crashed my drone as I brought it in to land. I handled it OK – I wanted to remain respectful because I know I am representing the Drone Crowed – He kept on at me and in the end, I had to apologize because I need to check the damage now resultant of that incident.

    It’s intriguing to think how I told the man that I was doing work for the local real estate – (I did not care about his son being a cop, but I did think he was breaking the law and overly aggressive in his approach which resulted in my drone crash.

    That drone is a huge part of me going outside – that was the last thing I need –

    The next day I got a call from our real estate asking if I would take some photos and do a little drone footage. Given what had happened in such a short time, I felt really unprepared.

    Anyways I think about a post in the forum. – I want to ground myself again – will just ignore the bible bashes this time. Sharing photos and this kind of media helps me feel human – and I need to talk about the stress I am now under.

    So far so good – Handing over the business side to my wife. I hope she understands I need to focus on just getting the job done – all that other stuff – is above me for now.

    Again —- just feeling real sick- might go sleep.
    I’m sorry I just went bla bla bla – but you guys don’t have to be – just talk away because anytime we cross paths is an opportunity to catch up in a good way.

    Still freaking out ……… over and out.

    onlookers can shake their heads all they want – Mental instability takes a lot of time to correct and is very much physical and detrimental to cognitive function. Your support – all of you – really helps me to keep trying.


  8. Dave try to calm down, listen to the nature sounds, look at the insects , or go into woods, without the drone this time. Of course it is chemical, nothing is in the head or you could say everything is in the head. You will calm and feel better, soon. I believe another great opportunity will come your way. Remember one life and a great one. ok? 🙂

  9. Oh Dave, how I understand how physically sick this chemical imbalance can make you feel.

    Do whatever it is that makes you feel better. I too will sleep, it often is the only thing that will give me some relief.

    It gladdens my heart to hear how your wife is such a great partner to you in this real estate venture. As long as you can do the part that you love and let the cumbersome details fall to another, then this will be a wonderful success.

    I too have difficulties just “rolling with the tide”. It simply isn’t easy for some of us to change plans suddenly. That’s ok, it is what makes us who we are.

    I hope you have had some time to relax and regroup, tomorrow is another day. Unless something is life threatening, there is always another time when things can be done. You obviously are providing a unique service to the real estate lady, she will be there with things for you when you are ready.

    On another note, yesterday was another day of frazzled nerves for me. Bad weather in the summer really sets me off. Yesterday was a day full of severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings, seems my little town has been in the bulls eye this year for bad weather. Thankfully there were no tornados near here, but it’s been unnerving just the same. I think I would much prefer 2feet of snow compared to this. At least snow storms are much more predictable and much less violent than what we’ve experienced this summer. Can’t wait for October or November, then I’ll get some peace!

    Cheers Dave!

  10. I love the start trek analogy too. 🙂 Very cool. I can say that you have a lot of compassion in your writing though Pam, or at least you have emotion for others. I hear you about inside ourselves though. Good to hear about your beans. Man I need to eat more of those.

    Currently have the sweats and was shivering last night. I will eat some vegetables this morning.

    I went off yesterday about a lot of stuff that has been broiling for some time.

    I did a stupid thing and not only let me son smoke some pot but had some myself. Although I was controlling it well, my son is now smoking it all the time. My eldest boy, the one I am trying to help. Long story short,

    Disrespect follows and things are being taken for granted. Was a huge augment as I had to explain I made a mistake and can’t live that way and now should he. My other son is doing black smith work in the shed outside, however he has no Flu/chimney and the smoke billows out of the shed – the smell is quite strong and enough smoke to reach my neighbors clothesline.

    The place is very crowded and now that I am suppose to be looking for work, I simply can’t relax in my own house anymore. I really don’t know how much I can take with so many things pitted against my own being. Trouble is – the world being what it is … chicks don’t seem to ever grow up anymore – they stay much longer in the nest, lest they be consumed by the economy which does not discriminate when it comes to MONEY!

    Love it or hate it – A persons worth in this world in measured by MONEY.

    11am Danuta – I go out and take some snaps for the realestate. 🙂 I’ll let you know how that goes. 🙂

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