Drone Arrived


The neighbor seemed pretty interested – I’m sure he will get used to it after I’ve done about 20 flights off the backyard there. 🙂

I need to learn some low flying first – will sound like someone out with an electric whipper snipper – it handles very well in the wind.  No footage other than this snap shot.  I’m a long way off learning the camera settings and or attempting smooth runs confidently.






3 thoughts on “Drone Arrived

  1. Hi Dave cool news about the Drone I look forward to seeing some footage. I enjoyed watching your video as always it’s pleasure to see those. I am struggling myself at moment which is a shame as I have had such a good six months? I hope you manage to get your son sorted and settled take care Dave hope to speak again soon.

  2. lol John … will do 🙂

    Great to see you again Andrew, although sorry to hear about your deflation – if I may call it that. I’m only just blowing the air back in for myself. My eldest son – the one we are helping – is mowing the lawn today 🙂 …

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