Trying to lift my spirits –

It’s been a trying time however we are getting there.  My son seems happy now that we are helping with his bankruptcy.  We have got him with the same GP as me so his meds are all in check and like me he just got a mental health plan and we’ll be seeing the same psychologist.  We’ll be a fine pair of guinea pigs for them. Next on the list will be crisis housing for him.  ATM he is listed as homeless and given my own issues it should not be tooooo hard (touch wood) to find some kind of emergency housing.

HOWEVER – living by himself is something he has never really done, so that avenue is something we will have to tread carefully with. We will sort out his furniture and other things such as power and basic utilities.  I’ll see if I can hook him up with some services that I never ended up taking part in – visit him a lot at first …

I don’t know – not much I can do after all that –

In the mean time I have a few other things on the go with having to get my other sons car registered (fix some parts on the cheap/do some mods -> another research project.

listening to nature FM atm ….. bought some blood and bone – plus Lime – and some seaweed fertilizer so more to do in the garden tomorrow.  I’m not rushing these things – I still have my big gut and it’s not going anywhere either.  🙂

Take care all – hopefully I get some sleep tonight.  Cheers 🙂



2 thoughts on “Trying to lift my spirits –

  1. Hi Dave, I always think about when the time comes for my kids to move out and it gives me anxiety, ( sometimes wish it was now, lol ) I worry all the time about them being on there own and me not being around.
    Watch that blood meal in your garden. Animals are really drawn to it. I had to stop using that and fish emulsion as the critters were tearing up the plants. Peace to ya and your family.

  2. Yea – we do all we can for them, which is a lot better than most parents do these days John. I shipped off way before time and bounced around as you know. My kids know they will always have a home to come back to anytime, although the number of rooms have shrunk.

    My kids also have the benefit of knowing what its like to move given we have had to do it at least 7 out of their 10 year schooling – not that all our kids finished a 10 year schooling. lol –

    I’m pleased to say so far for all our kids now, that they are all doing well enough given the state of the world! – RIP Robin Williams…

    I am more than glad to say – that the fucking schooling period of society is well and truly off my fucking mind. Watching kids go through child care and unto preschool is hardcore – gets worse until that day you think – “Thank Fuck that is all over with!!!”

    sorry for the rave ….

    My drone arrived today … i upload photo of that … in another post. 🙂

    Hope you and yours as well 😉

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