Trying to keep busy or get something done.

Today I must get the details of the psychologist I am going to see again as I have Doctors appointment.  Time to finally apply for the 12 month mental health program the Gov has not stopped yet.  So much going on atm with the new government.  A lot of welfare bashing going on with even more venom being spat out toward those who suffer mental imbalances.

My Eldest Son is suffering badly with Low Self Esteem and uses medication to ride out his demeanor.  I know exactly how he feels because I have been falling into such a category myself.  He has finally listened to us and now going Bankrupt! WOOHOOOO – so many people afraid to tarnish their name – “Your already tarnished if your not working!!!” One against the other!!!  People are always assessing thier worth buy the $$$$ value.  What’s written on the label behind their neck!

We have it easy and we don’t – what I don’t like is when others who’ve never live a jobless life try to tell others what it’s like to live like such … I can only speak from my own experiences –

Whats the answer – Ya reap what ya so – that’s my answer to Society and it’s not meant as a cop out on my part … I’m taking the pills and playing the GAME!!!!! – Tent City is not far from hitting our shores as out latest PM is set to cutting off the life lines it never really had in place.

What I mean by that is that they only reserved things like food stamps for the aboriginals – what fucking idiots the government be – Their apology for genocide went ahead, but then they went on to take their kids again and stoped welfare assistance other than food stamps!  FOODSTAMPS!!! – The fucking fools should be suing food stamps on all unemployed – many of us have never had an issue with STAMPS!!!!!

Imagine if welfare could be palmed off with just stamps – stamps for Power, Food, Water – You know – the basics to Breath!!!!!!  FUCK YEA!!! Bring it on – That would sort out all the bullshit lazy fucks who would actually do anything when it comes to getting $$$$$$$$ MONEY – I on the other hand – and I think for others who really do suffer at keeping a job or even thos who simply can not work – Great – give us the basics – BUT SHUT THE FUCK UP and telling us how worthless and pathetic we are!!!!

Currently its big news now – we unemployed are worthless scum that do not deserve the welfare “they hand out”  bit like offering candy to a kid then beating them for taking it.

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr —————– How the fuck is it that I am able to acquire the “THINGS” I do —– I credit most of that to my wife —- also you simply learn how make what you can and cut corners where one must — What’s worse than someone being unemployed, is actually seeing them with a hobby – OH FUCK!!! that’s persecution time!!! LMFOA … hehehehehehe ………….

I don’t know —- just blowing off some steam.  I laugh to think when poping in to see the forum yesterday — just how many lame stories are about – oh my oh my … broken nails and all that.  We do have so much – yet we have so little.

I really want to think outside the box and I have a desire to be part of something BUT –  there is just too much in my way to make it worth my thinking – It’s true and its not – bla bla – It wont be long before laws prohibit me from flying my drone – I can attach an ABN to the “hobby” or I might be able to sell some footage to whatever real estates in the area.

The lady that keeps asking and I keep saying yes just have it – I think she just wants everything for free.  She is the type that preaches how hard unemployed scum should fight to get out of their hole and onces out – always preach to others how hard you had to fight and fuck what anyone else has to say – forget where you come from type of thing with a little religious coating with be with the wise become wise, be with the wicked become wicked.

I’m over her now – SO my wife would like me to learn this new tool and try other businesses who do not know me.  This time I say nothing about my fucked up head issues and just make all applications in digital form as is how this world now runs.  What little face to face action is left is now a complete farce behind miles of makeup, squeaky clean shirts and ties with bling bling that rolls out the door to ones chariot.

Personally – I’m going to love sussing out just how it is that people live – to see human behave from a completely different perspective.  If I want to know what the local council is up too or whats that fuss on my police scanner is about – then out goes the drone!!!

LOL – think I will go setup my scanner today and get an outdoor areal for it.  When I sell something that is. hehehehehe………….

Thanks for reading if you did.

Adios — maybe today I take pics

CLEAN SHED SOME MORE and get those details now Dave.



4 thoughts on “Trying to keep busy or get something done.

  1. I am always around and reading. I think you take great pics and and most deffantly could sell some of your work ( not taking sides with your wife ). Your good man 🙂

  2. Hi ya Dave I am still about! sadly being ground into the dirt with work at the moment. Sad to hear you have the benefit bashing over there as well they love it here, How happy they must feel as people whom they label no better than parasites cue up at food banks like paupers at the work house.

    I hope all gores well with your Son I will try and post something better tomorrow I am knackered take care.zzzzz

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