Collecting Seed

My first Dandelion Seed Ball:
Dandilion Seeds First Dandilion Seedball to grow next crop

Thus far I only have two English dandelion plants – I won’t go an about the differences in Dandelion, other than to say I will be growing the larger variety.  The flowers are apparently bigger as to the seed balls.  When I have more plants to show I compare size then.

For now, I have put the Seedball in a plastic container with plastic wrap over the top and plenty of air holes punch throughout.  Enough to let air come in and out – but not enough to let the seeds blow away.  Must remind myself to get to seedling mix and hope for the best.  Might look into those plastic mini seed houses.

I am keen to grow a full garden bed of Dandelion.

I will go out now and have a look how things are going.  Over all – I only lost one seedling – In fact they did not even charge me as it looked fairly bad when I took it.  It was the last stinging nettle.  I will try again next time I see them.  They don’t look after them very well.  If I could – I would love to sell this kind of thing myself, however I don’t think the general pop cares too much about acquiring or growing medicinal herbs.  See what happens – if I can learn to grow multiple plants and do so seasonally – I could off load for free to simply share with others on facebook seeing everyone is always buying and selling on it.

I’d rather share on Facebook – bugger the markets – I have my hands full with becoming a drone pilot.  ———————————–

That’s it for today.

hope who evers reading is have a fair time of it.

later 😉


4 thoughts on “Collecting Seed

  1. Howdy Dave, ya just gotta keep reminding me about that drone don’t ya? LOL There is one out there that has a lot of crash preventing sensors built into it. They claim it can literally climb stairs using the sensors. THat would be the one i need. Peace to you and yours

  2. Hi Dave happy you went back to herbs. Hm sharing, people will not want the herbs in the form you can offer them but if you buy the tea bags and pack it in, they will want for sure. Especially is something is free. I am into herbs for years but never sold anything, when people need something I give them 😉 My payment is when they tell me that it helps. My friend just called to tell me that her hands are not swollen due using my salve ;)) that’s awesome. I think next step for you would be to acquire pure beeswax , good virgin oil, infuse the herbs and make the salves for now for your family…try it on you, then you will know what next. Here in Canada I have no chance to go on market with my salves, with anything medicinal it is a very long process before it is accepted, I probably would be dead then :))

  3. I’m hearing you Danuta and nice to see you again 🙂 – I’m glad I planted the garden as I did. I have a little section that got me going and now plenty of room to grow as I need. Being a vegetable grower mostly, I like to grow in lots. My wife prefers to just grow a lot of different things and to be true, it is better doing like so to avoid plagues of pests.

    I make a new post as I think about and or try to think positive – LOL – that’s unusual coming from me. I really don’t have a problem with being positive or thinking on the subject for my own benefit, I have been more against those the preach it like an Xsmoker who’s on a continue high having beat such an affliction.

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