Garden – 2 weeks ago








2 thoughts on “Garden – 2 weeks ago

  1. They will be taking down the tree that is close to neighbors boundary line. I wish it could stay. I like having trees about and the garden still gets enough sun for the herbs I am now growing.

    It’s a little messy by suburban standards – BUT – it how I live and I like to own my space even if I’m just renting it. I hate the layout of low fences and in the case of neighbors wanting tree cut down – they have no fence!

    perhaps when the tree goes SIGH …….. I’m tooo depressed to really give a fuck to be honest. I long for a place with a couple of aches and away from others.

    Not to worry – I did a stealth water session tonight and am impressed with how the herbs our coming along in this sand garden.

    Hope to make some time to share that sooner than later.

    Take Care Guys
    Later …………

  2. Is that your drone, Dave? Hope that you start feeling better and get some peace with yourself.
    P.S. Are those rain collection bins i see in the aerial ?

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