Leveling Out :)

Exscuse the no spell check – will have to look into that later – Still a fresh windows install really.

Levling out is well put Cully – just thinking on the end of reading all the responses – Hi John 🙂

I have not just stopped the forums and flikr, I have pretty much stopped everything and getiing moving again is quite an effort.  When I get my Drone – whenever that is – I’ll share my “learning” with that and perhaps use this Blog just for that and whatever else comes to mind.  I’ve never flown a remote hellecopter – maybe just once real and lucky it was only $30.00 one as I crashed that pertty much straight away. hehe .

Perhaps I can make one photo for the day simply relate to somthing I need to go. hehe – arrr – Been real lazy as well as who gives a fuck – Sigh……….  hmmmm –

perhaps when I get used to the morning meds more – perhaps when I get my drone – YEA!!! When I get my drone …. lol – just kiding … although that will be worth recodring my ups and downs with that.  I can’t aford andything but a Perfect landing score everytime.

Nice to see you guys – I too wish well thoughts for you and yours.

Thanks guys 🙂  –


3 thoughts on “Leveling Out :)

  1. I have been looking at those drones as well, Dave. Like you i flew one cheap one on christmas morning that we got my son and crashed it into the long hair on my daughters doll that she got for christmas. Long story short, the doll got a hair cut and the helicopter went into the trash. 😦 Two upset kids on christmas morning. Can not wait to see yours. Peace

  2. My wife just checked the shopping cart with me to make sure we are getting all the things we need to get started. Unlike my friend I am getting Prop Guards straight up. Having those guards can save the motors as well as the propellers from minor bumps.

    So we have ordered everything except “The Phone”

    I don’t like having a phone. Like many people who pop pills to live in today’s society – owning a phone is just another DRAIN – on my own batteries. None the less – using a mobile device for a First Person View -FPV- is very important to me. Therefor I will spend more time this morning research compatible devices with focus on “Time Delay/Syn as well as supported brands relating to future Firmware updates.

    Actually I ring the company now to ask about just that.

    I am glad your interested John. I will indeed use this blog to detail my approach in learning to operate the drone.

    It’s on its way now Via eBay Hong Kong – My most expensive purchase on eBay thus far.

    Best get on about researching recommended devices.

    Have a good one guys 🙂

  3. Evening guy’s hope you lot are starting to feel a little better! thankfully the week is over it’s been hot and uncomfortable. I have been working at this woman’s house she spends nearly all day laying on her sofa and every time her bloody dog gets a chance it tries to bite me, so at least I have a couple of days away from that. The Drone is exciting Dave are you planning to use it for aerial shots of property’s by the way it’s great news that you are getting some work from that, or is it just for your own pleasure. I had to laugh at your helicopter experience John one of mine got one as well it lasted about about 5 seconds before getting wrapped up in the curtains and crashing fatally. Will the one you are getting Dave be able to do video like Ben’s ( what exactly happened to that one ) I hope so it will be good to see some more aerial video’s.

    Best wishes to you all

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