Sorry Guys

I’m sorry I have been withdrawn guys.

I understand if I have lost your attention and mean not to be ignorant.  I might make a post in the forum to get thingws going again.  Not sure what happened – a RUT – happens as it the pattern with depression over the years.

I think more on that later – justaking the first step by appolagsing now.

I do hope you guys have been fairing better –

I start to get in habit of checking in back here.

Good news is realestate lady is pushing for me to do some more footage for her.  The result of that is I have managaged to get a loan to make my final my tool box for realestate photgraphy with the purchase of a Drone like Bens.

Result is for me to start taking one step in front of the other again.

Hope to see you guys again – will pop into the froum quickly and say hi there as well.




8 thoughts on “Sorry Guys

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the kindness on the forum. 6 days of 10mg citalopram and I feel like hell on earth. I’m now counting the hours until this crap is out of my system.

    I now know for sure that my system is now far too sensitive for any of these types of meds. What sent me over the edge last night when I took the pill was the horrific intrusive thoughts that bombarded me. I simply can’t do this. So after 6 days I’m stopping cold turkey. I called the doctor this morning and as is so typical with those ass holes is they don’t get back to you. So this afternoon I spoke to my pharmacist and she said I shouldn’t have any trouble going cold turkey since it’s only been 6 days on such a low dose.

    I realized yesterday that my mailbox was full but I haven’t had enough energy to pull out the laptop to clear them. I’m using my iphone right now.

    I’m really sorry you have had a tough go of it too. Maybe together we can pull eachother out of this. I certainly have missed the comeradery we as a group have had. I think that did me a world of good.

    Anyway Dave, take care. I’m thinking of you.


  2. Pam I forgot I was 5 days on 20 mg and quit cold turkey. I was dying on it, no kidding.
    Dave no one is going to quit on you. We all respect you too much.
    Now it is my turn? I had long weekend and beside cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening I made a facial moisturizer (3h) and shampoo bar (2 hours standing) Went to sleep on Sunday my friend popped in for two hours and my son surprised me………..he came just for a few hours (he lives in a different city) So we went to do some shopping for him, I was running in circles trying to make the detergent for him (actually grinding everything in food processor) soaps and breads his lotions….hell I collapsed, The sadness was overwhelming, when we said goodbye..
    Yesterday, I was so depressed I had to do something, made 18 bars of dandelion and stinging nettle soaps.
    sorry for blabbering…I feel so depressed it had not happen for a long time…To much running around with the responsibilities for the last two months…
    Good to have you back Dave:)

  3. Hey Danuta,

    I’m with you, care too much for Dave to give up on him. Dave did you hear that!!!!! Good!

    Where does your son live? You obviously miss him very much. Sorry that it sent you into such a low.

    Were here for each other! Are you in Dave????

    Dave, I hope you are in a good enough place to accept our caring and concern. Now, all we need to do is get Cully and John back. I think john is having a tough time too. I would like to help him get back to a good place again. I know it must be getting to him cause he mentioned thinking about going back on meds.

    Take care my friends! I am lucky to have you both! And the other two lads if they make an appearance soon! Lol

  4. Hey guys.
    Thanks for the responses. Comming off Meds is very stressfull, espcieally when you feel your not getting support for it. You know how I feel with the clinical side of all that. I’m just taking what works for now. Making sense of that however it not an easy thing for me to do.

    I hope things pan out in this respect Pam –

    Nice to hear a bout you being busy Danuta, but not so much presures of which you speak. You have too much responsibility abd I not enough. Responsiblity to who – when I find others respeceting me as a person and not a shell – than I’ll accept some responsibility. Fuck all that other shit.

    Srry – but if I am going to make an effort than It’s as is. Maybe you should cut back some Dabuta? Not worth doing if it’s controlling you and not you it. I have to think hard on this with yet again – presure on me to perform and make some money for a change.

    MONEY! – Pfffft – bla bla bla bla …………………….

    until next time guys …

  5. Evening guys sorry to hear thing’s have been crap for you Dave as John say’s no need for any apologies, I think we all understand the ups and downs of this condition. Its definitely good to see you again.It’s a shame you guy’s are all feeling bad and my only hope is things pick up for you soon and you can level out.

  6. Hi Dave!

    I’m back! 1 day off that stuff and some IV fluids this afternoon at the hospital and I feel so much better.

    I hope you are coming along. One day at a time!

    Cheers my friend.

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