Hi guys – how you all doing?


Got some experience flying in HIGH winds today – in fact I have not really stopped since I got it.  🙂 – Now this photo is a slap together job, just a press of the button without a care and a little TLC in Photoshop.  I’m still too caught up in the flying and also the attention to give too much attention to actually taking snaps yet.

You won’t believe but the real estate had to put off the appointment yet again. I laugh now to think of that given how much angst I have had and also how I am not almost loosing interest.  Hard to explain – bit like being offered a lolly, that by the time its up for the taking, I’ve moved on.  So it is AGAIN I say, I’ll let you know how my first house shoot goes after tomorrow – touch wood.

Andrew – I’ll slip by flikr after this and check things there.  It goes without saying that you have far surpassed me and taken photography to a whole new level.  Hope you are well John – Pam and Danuta.

SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – what a day.  I have been rather busy of late.  I just hope I can pull off this first hurdle with the photo shoot.

Here is my latest drone Test video – pulled off 800m – next I want to get in 1.6km across the radius.


Getting There –




In the below one, now that I look at it again, there seems to be some back burning going on in the far distance on the point, or maybe its just a cloud?





Hi guys,
I really have been in a rut of late – BUT – pleased to say I am starting to get a little more driven with this drone.  Every Time I get new tech and go off the rails some and get fixated with that until I can grasp it somewhat.  Bit like with people too I guess.  Trust is a very overrated commodity these days.

I had issues with the drone and had to learn to fix it myself – I simply could not send it back and wait months to hear back.  I keep telling the lads in the forum that its like getting a 3D printer all over again.  Huge Learning Curve and not quite as easy as the supplier makes out.  None the less I did fix a major issue after pulling it apart and following some youtube guides.

SO – I really must make this Aerial Photography Blog and take you guys on a journey with me.  I still rate you guys as my best friends which makes me angry when I think about the councilor her used the term “Your Own Little World” – I thought about you guys being a part of that and thought my world is not so little and really resented this person who then went on to advice me she would let me know when she adopts a different style of tact in dealing with me – Given the previous comment about my little world, I was again offended and then felt like a rat in some kind of Box, although she stated she wont put me in a box.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Fail big time on that first appointment – now looking to set up with another.   SIGH –

SO – I am yet really to do anything with the photograph – but I am getting ready to start.  For now I fight to get things done around the house.  It’s nice to share some media with you guys.

Take care.

First drone footage

Out with my two boys.  Dropping one off at his sisters place. They both have uni to attend. The rebel sticking his finger up, is coming back home with me.  It’s been good to see him stabilizing some.  He seems to have the seroquel itch too.

I have since tightened up the phone holder – 🙂

Drone Arrived


The neighbor seemed pretty interested – I’m sure he will get used to it after I’ve done about 20 flights off the backyard there. 🙂

I need to learn some low flying first – will sound like someone out with an electric whipper snipper – it handles very well in the wind.  No footage other than this snap shot.  I’m a long way off learning the camera settings and or attempting smooth runs confidently.