The Garden Grows

Todays Pictorial Guide of getting things done:

More much and compost mulch and compost SAND

I remembered to take a tarp this time.  I’m not happy with how much I get in my trailer with one scoop they call a “half meter”  Aparetnly that’s all they can put in my trailer size – I’ve had other places put in a full meter.  Anyways – I’ll need another two loads – so I think.  I need to put something in that damn sand. It was too windy to shovel the dried compost so going to do that in the morning … need to be layered evenly on top and then dug in – after that wet it … soak it … then layer the mulch on top and pack that down and wet at the same time.   Then like the other plants – I will plant with additional mix to further assist the plants …

The others already undergone this process seems to be doing well … The mulch does a good job keeping the beds moist.  So far so good.  I still need to come up with a cheap wind break … thinking bamboo sticks and weed mat for a wall.

Hope you guys are well.  How’s the forum going?????????  Vampires still lurking Danuta? 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Garden Grows

  1. Hi Dave, Garden looking good man. Bamboo would make an excellent wind break. I do not know if willow grows down there but thats what a lot of folks use up here. They stick several in the ground upright then weave other branches into it.
    Yes Vampires are looming, LOL i just ignore.
    Peace Dave

  2. Hey for that load I would spend a fortune , Yesterday I got 4 bags (30L) of mulch and one bag of peat moss, for $34. Where did you get that cool trailer Dave?
    Everything looks awesome

  3. Loving the Garden Dave! it must be a struggle creating a garden in a sand dune, but you seem to be doing a wonderful job. Yeah they are still there hoping someone will disagree with them so they can start spouting the old bible mumbo jumbo, I occasionally go in and ruffle their feathers a bit. Take care and all the best

  4. I’ll come back to the forum in a few days maybe … cool … got the trailer a whiles back Danuta for selling things at the Sunday markets. That’s another story. Yea … I’m determined to grow something in it. LOL @ Sand dune comment … you are correct with that. 🙂

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