More Garden Work Done



5 thoughts on “More Garden Work Done

  1. Looks real good Dave. I think that one you showed is in the thistle or dandelion family. its funny because dandelion grows every place here. people spray to kill it and do not know its edible. peace Dave

    • Hi John – Don’t forget to Link me to your Flikr site. Yea the garden is getting there. So far so good. Managed to get the mowing done – at least around the clothes line and back yard where the garden is. Mowing is a little quicker now that the garden takes up a lot of space.
      My oldest Boy has arrived and now set up in the spare room . So far so good – has high anxiety like myself, however not long of the hard core street drugs – I put medicine away as I don’t want it laying about to tempt him. He keeps making references to needing drugs in order to calm down. Will have to encourage him by reminding him what a drug detox is all about — anyways … see what happens.
      My itching has returned, but no on my legs this time – pretty much just the forearms. I have been having relief rubbing white vinegar on myself as the wife wants to treat it as a fungi issues – whilst I did have scabies at some point, we are not ruling out mould as there was HEAPS of it in the old bathroom – :

      Long story short – Lisa found that a group of people have been suffering similar to me, saw the gps-and specialists-dermatologists and all that — many had success with rubbing vinegar and having vinegar baths and drinking the apple cider with honey and hot water – which I am now testing out in morning and evenings – as well as running my arms in the vinegar – I still use ICE “a mint gell that heats up the skin” for relief.

      That’s that story – SIGH … man oh man … I just wish I could get a break. I have been taking my meds regularly so no props there, however a friend (Ben) of mine made a point about (“a medication’s -[“Half Life”]) … where is is not as effective or something ??? Not sure what he was getting at … hmmmmmm Sigh … still taking Phenergan with my Seroquel. I must admit though, have been forgetting the antihistamine … but no real big issues there as I am positive that is not why I have this now forearm thing happening.

      Sorry to go on about it … just thinking out loud in my blog and testing out my touch typing without looking at the keyboard. 🙂 ….kewl …

      Well – take care all …………. I will finish the mowing tomorrow and get the house in ship shape for the owners who are turning up the say after on

      Night all ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Hi Dave,

    You have made tremendous progress with the garden. It truly is a work of art. I was wondering what your day time temperatures are? I am assuming this is really your winter time.

    Glad all is going well with son being there. Very wise move to put away your meds. Was just wondering if camomile tea or even some magnesium supplements might help calm your son down when he gets wound up. I’ve been going with these for my anxiety issues lately and they seem to help keep me more even all day.

    I like the use of vinegar for your skin issues. Hope it is helping. I too take the raw apple cider vinegar every couple of days and it seems to help with my stomach issues.

    Did you get back to juicing at all? Just wondering as you haven’t said anything about it since.

    I’ve had a rough couple of days, felt really off on Tuesday, yesterday was a bit better, and this morning was only rough for about an hour. So far so good. For me eliminating all the processed food, grains, legumes and sugar in all it’s forms has really helped me to feel better. It really is amazing how the body can heal itself when you feed it what it needs, it’s just that trial and error time that is such a nuisance while you figure out what is best for you. I’m impatient and wish results could happen immediately, unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.

    Anyway Dave, you look and sound quite well, the itching not withstanding. It is good to see.

    Take care of yourself.
    Cheers my friend!

  3. Yes vinegar but not the white one, only Apple cider. Your skin is not so dry anymore so ground finely oaks and use as a powder :))
    Are you sure you had not touched something with your arms that could cause allergy? What about the mulch? I have to use the gloves whatever I do . Even picking up the beans causes reaction on my skin, the places the leaves touch… poor us .
    I am happy your son is back, try to introduce him to guided meditation. just chose short one…:)

  4. Thanks Pam, hope your feeling better now. Narrrr – have been procrastinating with the juicing. I use white vinegar to wash my arms with as the apple costs too much – I drink that instead. Might try using the apple to wash my arms with later.

    My son shows no interest with the herbs except maybe valerian – lol … but yes I will try to suggest as you say . TY.

    I don’t know what the go is at all Danuta … not going to worry about it so much other than ware long sleeves as I am sure the mulch can trigger it. Big day today and again in the morning. I post picture of today’s milestone. 🙂

    I tried to suggest the guided meditations, however he just wants to take pills!!!! Sighhhhhhhh

    I am going to try some Poetry … 🙂

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