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Tiller Tines


I can’t remember if I told you guys – I busted one of the Tines, but have since replaced at no cost to us.  eBay seller replaced and was not really their fault – So eBay is not the big risk everyone makes it out to be.  Fair enough you have to know how to make claims and also have common sense to check people out first before buying willnilly … Just saying is all.  I like shopping on eBay.

I bought some “Five in One” to add to the soil/SAND (as it still be) says to put 2 cm think on top of soil then mix in 10cm — then I plant my seedlings:  I will try – but hopefully I wont burn the roots as again – is more sand than anything else.  We shall see:

I make high enough resolution so you cane read what is on the bag – please let me know what you think: Click on the photo to enlarge = then click again until fully zoomed


The Herbs I select for now:

Was all I could afford for now – 5 French Lavender AKA Lavendula – English Lavender is not that great for the high humidity here and I will even have to ensure plenty of aeration for the French variety as well.  The French variety is said to be more suited to oil – although less sweet to which I think the English makes better Tea – But I will still use to make my lemon balm and lavender tea.  I will plant in a circle with a space to walk in – I explain in my video.

I bought 4 lemon balm so I can clip continually – they are only small bushes from last time I grew – I also got some mint as well.  Is all I can afford for now – I will have plenty of space for others as I do a little bit at a time.  got 2 rosemarys as well –

I show in the video yet to come — for now here is another pic:




3 thoughts on “More Garden Talk

  1. Hi Dave, we have areas around here that are almost all sand we call them sand hills and when the wind blows before the crops come up we get some sand storms so bad you cant see in front of the car. Luckily they are usually very small localized sand storms. The crops grow really well on it though.

  2. Crops like sandy soil , so the moisture does not stay long time, and does not cause root rot;))
    I can not read with the magnified pic what is there, I think it must be natural organic compost; cow, sheep, even birds manure is good with the mix of ; shoot forget what you put to make it stick to the roots. I forgot the name. I am sure it is good. Lemon balm and lavender ; excellent. If you are interested I can send you recipe for lemon balm extract; i put like 25 drops in a bit of water and shoot it:) . all herbs look healthy and good. Mint is very good to add to fish, lemon balm also. I am eager to see how it grows on this veggie patch. 🙂

  3. The plant selection is really good Dave, you should have great success with them.

    I too have mint growing although I forget about it. It is on the top of the hill between the box and the fence, right hand side. Planted to some 13 years ago and it just keeps on coming up. There is now so much of it! Sometimes I plough through it with the lawn mower and then just sit up there and take in the wonderful fragrance.

    Hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!

    Bye for now.

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