Lots of work yet to be done

I’m a bit sick guys so sorry I can’t reply much in the forum – I’m going to make some more protection tomorrow so will plant later then.  I need to go back on veggies I think and drink more water.  Itching is starting back up, but I wont cry about it much  — smiles and goes SIGH 🙂  I did not have the money to fill the garden, but I seem to be adding things in the right spots and putting it together the right way. – Not sure about the Rosemary up the back – however it can grow higher than the Lavender, so i think I did the right thing there – all in all I think they are placed well – in such a way that I can expand on too …

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Boy am I saw and tired.  Night All ….

I will get some watering cans – I don’t water like that after the plants have gone in.  The watering is an art in itself and something that I like to do just right. – I babble on that once I find myself in such a zen mood 🙂 … I will recover quickly with eating veggies once more and find more to do in the yard off this computer. 🙂  (I also will move the mulch back with those plants that do no like to be too wet – I think lemon balm is like that … I will re-read all that sort of thing … although I am dealing with sand!  The sides will still need mulch to block the wind.  No matter, as you will see it all unfold and can tell me what you think as I give good images for you to see.

Don’t forget to self 720p – I have made that mistake not doing so of late in the setting icon in each vid.



2 thoughts on “Lots of work yet to be done

  1. Dave, your garden is really coming along and it makes me want to do it again but i will not do a garden with out a tiller. I worked gardens most of my youth and later in life and without a tiller it sucks. It can be done but to be honest with you, i am getting lazy in my old age. Peace all and hope you feel better .

  2. Yes, I remember about 720p, Dave you need potassium for the leg cramps, It is as simple as eating two bananas a day. If you have no access to it, there is green bean or peas, peas are probably the highest in potassium. I have no idea; can you take such intake of potassium with you renal failure you had in past?.

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