Going to install LINUX -> Ubuntu

It’s nothing fancy – (although it can be turned into a beautiful interface) but it’s more secure than windows and it FREE!  There is actually an Ubuntu Political party with some Utopian ideas based on socialist ideals which suits me fines.  Perhaps not as dictatorial but based the better meaning of the word Free in all its form.

ANYWAYS – about the operating systems itself. – Here is the Link to which I will start this journey for my Desktop –


I’m just going to put on a small HDD – My SSD HDD is only 55GB after install, however it’s a solid state HDD which runs much much faster than my older ones.  15GB of free HDD space is recommended, however I suggest more.  You can always install programs to another HDD which is why I don’t mind using my smaller SSD Drive.  –

INSTALLING – the OS itself should be as easy as dwonloading from the link and following the instructions.  Last-time was having turn burn the file as an Image to CD or Iso to CD – putting into the drive and running it on startup.  I really don’t know at this stage as I will be learning it all over again.

UBUNTU now has many years of support behind it now and the community are very supportive.  It is becoming less and less an issue with having to learn text commands with inputting into a terminal text box.  I am hoping it has more left and right click options.

ALSO – hoping is has more in the way of Software as well.  Open Office is a hugely recognized these days and cross compatible with MW Word – The Web Browsers and many other software packages all good too.

Games – HMMM – early on LINUX sucked for Games, but now I think there are more and more options-   I have even read about people running WOT – Word Of Tanks …

People do run WINDOWS applications on Linux, however they use a program called WINE – generally speaking this emulator slows down the performance of windows programs, which run quicker on a windows OS where its meant to run. SO – this is why I will be Running Both Windows and Linux.  I’ll also need windows for my photography software as again – WINE – “does not emulate at the speed” I require. Best to have multi operating systems that you can boot into.  I will use Linux for WEB activity/writing/Emailing and maybe My world of Tanks if I believe it runs smooth enough. – I will use Gimp for my basic picture editing – however will mostly load into windows when walking back into the house from a photo shoot.  then restart into Linux after uploading shots in windows … something like that.

Multi OS Boot Up – I will have to read up on how to install with a windows OS running as well.  I’m betting the Ubuntu install will auto setup a startup menu giving a one and two option in DOS mode before loading up.

My windows is in need of a reinstall as well. – Think I will do it first!  I must check my download limit and see where we are with that.

Well take care guys – John – thanks for mentioning LINUX to me.  UBUNTU still stands of one of the most user friendly distributions. I’ll be installing that for my Desktop.

Later. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Going to install LINUX -> Ubuntu

  1. Howdy Dave, I haven’t even had a chance to look at the linux or anything. To dam many things going on not even the camera. I did go out and shoot a couple of the moon coming over the tree tops but they pretty much sucked. I can’t believe how shaky i am on those zoom type shots. Peace out Folks i am hitting my easy chair. 🙂

  2. I was using Ubuntu years ago, still was not much support with it. Now is different story though:)) Linux is awesome, and it is free

  3. I’m clueless about any of those programs, and since I use my laptop so infrequently there isn’t much point for me to learn it at this point.

    Anyway, the ramble as promised in the forum……

    Must preface this by saying that my husband is Scottish and has a very bizare sense of humour. I would have never come across this comedian if left to my own divices. I tend to be far too serious for my own good, im the type of person that tries on occasion to tell a joke but it usually comes out badly and I offend someone, so I don’t joke much.

    Anyway, the comedian is Billy Connely. The most crude and boorish person I have ever seen in my life. The piece was on religion . I would recommend that if you are at all offended by crude language, or the subject matter you don’t watch it. The tirade made me think of you Dave, oh I think you could probably out do this guy on the subject, but boy did it make me laugh!

    The bad part of me would love to post this in the forum anonymously and sit back and watch all hell break loose! Ok I’m mean and bad with a warped sense of humour. I guess it’s just an off day for me.

    All I can say is laughing like that is good for the soul and I probably had the best sleep last night I’ve had in a long while. Wonder if there is any connection?

    Ok, rambling done…. Be well everyone!

    • I love that guy Pam – I think it would be a fair post on the forum. Thank you for your lengthy replies Pam – I appreciate it when others take such time out to talk with others. I’m not suggesting anyone else or all make lengthy replies as I know time controls us more than we think …

      I’m just feeling so weak and feel a little guilty of late that I have not been able to reply to everyone like wise and don’t want to be seen as selfish.

      I want to keep the friendship with you guys – however I don’t think I can take on more — I explain in my next Post 🙂

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