Sugar Cane Mulch

Righto Guys,

excuse me while I rant some on my plans for the garden.  I threw together an update whilst out there this afternoon.  it gave me a rest between the cramps.  Boy I have been having some skeletal cramps in my major leg muscle of late.  Sigh.

Anyways – I am not so happy that I did not have enough compost of that I did not spread it thick enough – not to worry though as at least I dug something into the sand.  Hmmm Sugar Cane Mulch is good round these parts, fairly abundant, however some sellers do not pack their bails tightly – Grrrrr  I found one that did and the price on par with bulk sellers.  Sugar Cane Mulch itself with have some good nutrient to add to the sand as it break downs.  You will see I am as thorough with it’s application as I am with extracting grass.  First of all – some mulches will actually rob the soil of nitrogen in its first stage of breaking down – that best way to avoid that is to assist in helping the mulch to set itself in or to help it activate and foster its breaking down cycle.  There is a skill to keeping an eye on the moisture levels and or even packing/capping the soil as you lay it down.  I put it on as think as I can afford –

First you have to previously give the soil a really good soak – then at that same time, then apply the mulch.  Making sure to keep it thick in the sides of the beds.  Wind really saps the moisture out – more so than the sun or as much.  Keeping it evenly spread is also recommended.  You will see I then wet it or did so before I show video – the wetting process at this stage has nothing to do with wetting the soil – that should of already been done (Soaked at that) – its just part of the capping process – creating a crust – air will still get in, but when its layered thick and crusted like so – it retains the moisture through the day.  (Again, the sides have to be well capped and even as on top) …

I go on too much … and you may get bored on this vid as I just let the camera go a bit while I hook into what I must – pleases excuse the sweaty nose. 🙂

About the plants:

HHHHHmmmmmmmmmm Is going to have to be seedlings.  Its the sand thing.  Again, I have never grown in sand, and it really is sand as you will see when I show one more time in the vid.  It dries out quickly and has no nutrient of very little for feeding plants.

SO – at first the plants I select will be limited to local nursery supplies – I really would of liked to grown dandelion in a mass throughout the circle bed.  Not to worry – I will find something as the center point “A herb bush” with ground herbs of some kind grown around it.  not sure – again is going to be seedlings as is best choice given the sandy start.

All I can really do is look at the information (if any) on the plants – keep in mind the height mostly – It would of been more artistic as you suggest Dahila if I could of started with seed and been more selective – I will still try to grow plants that can be shaped nicely to the beds and think about color and all that – but over all given the limitations of going with only available seedlings I am not sure it will turn out quite as decorative as I would like.

Well that’s a wrap guys, video is now 95% uploaded.

Oh yea – just a tip – because this one I lowered the quality – (is more than 6 minutes and I wanted to upload it within time – also my download and upload limits really suck) – I recommend clicking on the Youtube Logo in the image and instead of clicking full screen, click the other rectangular icon to watch half screen … I think the picture is better that way and still big enough to see.

Thank you all for your continued support – Much appreciated 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sugar Cane Mulch

  1. You want the annuals or perennials Dave? It looks awesome, and I had not seen sugar cane mulch. The soil is very sandy. You probably are going to plant the tomato, I put the compost, soil and a fist of epson salt into the hole. It is going to be a challenge to grow this garden with this kind of soil. At least you will not get root rot disease.
    Dandelion is a weed with awesome seeding, they seed so well you will fight with it, better to do some small 20 inchesx20 bed separate from the veggie path.
    I watch every video on you-tube, it is better quality and there is three sizes of screen to choose, 🙂
    You look so good, relaxed, More relaxed than usually ..:)

  2. You look fantastic Dave.

    That’s really cool using sugar cane mulch for the garden. I never would have thought of it, but then again sugar cane doesn’t grow here.

    Sometimes I like to use straw for mulch but that can be rather tricky because usually there are so many seeds in it and then you just get a weedy mess.

    Keep up the good work! It looks amazing.

  3. Thanks guys – yea I have tried cheaper bails of “grass” but if the choices is available the sugar cane mulch gives so much more back to the ground. You are right about seeds – I understand your meaning with that Pam. The sugarcane mulch is a by product of the plant after it is harvested and stripped down for sugar processing. Is how I think it goes.

    Sounds like good sizing Dahila – I have tried to emulate just that. I’m glad you understand the 3 screen options and resolution settings 🙂 helps for my smaller file sizes that are not as HD as I would like.

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