Garden Update

I have responded in the other posts peace guys 🙂



5 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. It started to look interesting. I had seen pictures of your last garden and it was incredible. I hope you make this one even better. What about wild life; ie rabbits. Will you manage somehow with it?
    I responded to post on AF but I wonder; maybe I should keep quiet…. tell me what you think?
    What kind of compost is it? I use cow manure mostly..

  2. Hi all the Garden’s looking great Dave I love the waves and circle! that’s going to look really cool with flowers and veggies what a really clever idea, I think I prefer to come here now, it feels like there are too many hidden agendas over there that are very thinly veiled! I find it disconcerting and uncomfortable.
    I have climbed off the hamster wheel for a week and it feels lovely already to have a bit of freedom from that for a few days. It would be good to catch up for a chat again soon Dave also any of you guys I am always up for a chat.

    Hope to catch up with you all soon keep hugging those trees.

  3. That is going to be sweet. I love it when people think outside of the box. Can not wait to see it as it comes to life. Soon i will have picks to show as i got my camera today. Got lots of reading and practicing to do but i will get there. Peace all

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words guys. I’m not sure on what type of compost other than commercial organic mix of some sort. I really should ask. I will be looking about for local manure supplies for sure. I always let horse manure dry out and compost much longer than cattle. More a racetrack thing from the last town I live in. (Drugs) –

    Again not sure on the pests as yet, will work around that somehow – is mainly going to be herbs only. That way when the owners see us on out way, they will be more inclined to let such a lovely garden be. A big herb garden will be more semi permanent and quite a treat for any other renter – not to mention the amount of work and money I would have put into such a creation. One thing if for sure – it will be picture perfect and presented as so, before I ask the own if they want me to rip it all out and plough it flat – AKA – destroy my creation. : -( (I doubt it though if I show it up as a pretty picture and well maintained. Is another reason I am choosing herbs – much easier to look after and play with here and there) … plus my wife doing an advance diploma on the topic.
    John —– How’s the camera – I know you have been really busy to give it the proper attention, so please to post the result when you get a chance. 
    Again thanks for the words of encouragement and also your comment on my youtube video john. 🙂
    Oh yea – saw you too late cully – in chat that is … I left message in my new thread. Hope all is well – really loved seeing Pams hill … that was coooooool 

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