Today I get things Done

Hi guys – Apologizes Danuta … I think I have stirred up a hornets nest.  But one that needed stiring.  I am sorry though for fear I might of upset you as when I went to reach out in chat, I saw you busy.  Just saying that I am worried if your are frustrated at me.

I go pull my head in now.  🙂

I did more on my garden – have now shaped the beds.  I do video to show very soon.  Shopping day today – appointments as well.  Big day – but I will try to show my garden as it now takes shape.  Will get some compost in the next day or two to add.

I made a new friend in the forum “HI Exatice” 🙂 – I don’t make friends everyday and I kind of don’t want a lot either.  None the less – it’s was a good result from speaking out.  Thank you Exatice for reaching out when you did.

The forum is a good home for many of us – I just don’t want to see it filled with all that religious crap that has been on the build for some time is all – however … I fear I rocked the boat too much.  I’m suffering needed to be pegged in place – I really felt although having been nothing said – that many of us felt the same way with regard to him/her.


Anywayssss — time for a bush video share as well – Anytime now I guess hey John — Can’t wait till see any of the pics that you take – at least we guys know how to encourage unlike some photography places.  You shared well with me on that John – Many Thanks.

All you guys have awesome insights – I hope pam you back is feeling better –
Dahila – I can’t say enough I am srry for losing the plot – I know you also get upset with those religious bigots too.  I hope we can come good again – I got a lot of strength from your support in their.  Thanks Heaps.

Andrew DUDE —- I downloaded and hope is alright – did you take that photo – this one I share now – is ok if you did not – Is still a fantastic share and I thank you for it.  I accidentally misplace my post about my compact but now have good picture when I make a post on it.

BUT WOW and WOW what a pic:

Andrews Awesom Image resized


8 thoughts on “Today I get things Done

  1. Dave, Dave I would never stop talking to you, I have just a few hours, summer. I thought I will have time to change the status but no, then I went home. The hornet’s nest must be stirred to achieve the peace:))

  2. That was one hell of a hornets nest you stirred up Dave! Good on you! Now maybe the fire and brimstone crap will abate for a while. It usually does.

    I hope you didn’t mind that I publicly came to your defence with that nf character. I am loyal to my few friends to a fault. I just couldn’t sit back and watch that unfold when I knew you were probably sleeping. Otherwise I would have left well enough alone knowing that you would deal with it in your own very flamboyant manner. Yes, you did come across as a raving lunatic in the beginning but you turned it around well. If I may suggest you let it be for a bit, you have better things to occupy your energies. I completely understand where you are coming from but let’s face it, this extra stress isn’t going to help your skin situation. I bet you have been scratching like mad since this all blew up from the added stress.

    On another topic….I almost peed myself laughing so hard yesterday when I’m suffering said he was a seer. OMFG! Talk about a nutter! All I could see in my mind was a carnival side-show. That one is completely off his rocker, or at the least off whatever meds he needs. I do admit that when he speaks plainly and not in circles he occasionally makes some good points. Unfortunately that is few and far between and seems to have some type of God complex. Oh well, to each his own, now for me he is nothing short of an amusement.

    Yes, I do believe that there are those who are empathic, psychic, or can “see” things. I also believe that those with those abilities keep them closely guarded and do not announce to the whole world that they are seers! This one is just mad!

    Anyway this is long but I haven’t touched base with you very well for the past few days. All is quite well with me, other than yesterday’s self inflicted back pain. I know better than to mow the lawn on the back hill on my own. I always suffer for it, when will I ever learn. Probably never.

    Oh yes, one more thing… Yesterday I was in my sons bedroom taking out the screen that needed fixing and realized that taking a picture from his window should give you a good look at that blasted hill in the back yard. I will do that later today when he goes to his fathers place. He gets completely bent out of shape if I go in when he is home. Oooohhhh teenagers and their obsessions with privacy.

    Cheers my friend, I’m looking forward to seeing the progress you are making with your garden. I too have shopping and errands to run today so I best get at it.

  3. Yeah Pam you did well, Seer I thought I will collapse too, maybe i came like a jerk too but i had to check the water;)) BTW I do some ” diagnostic” when I do my tarots reading which usually shows when there is something going on, Few people say I saved their life when I insisted on doctors visit. How much true is in it ; who knows. Maybe there is some…Somehow all the healers ( money makers) shows their true colors. It is just a matter of time:))

  4. Serenity will soon be back ( some what, hehe ) This kind of stuff will never ever go away permanently (at least not in our life time). Friends are truly good to have and you know what? the ones on line don’t ask to barrow your back every time they Have a chore they can not handle. Not that i have ever turned down a neighbor when asked for help but they disappear when i need something so i just quit asking. If i can not do it myself i pay someone. Peace all. (( boy did i go way off track on that ))

  5. Evening all, thanks Dave for your comment on the photo I did take it! with the old charity shop camera. You spend heap of cash getting a dslr and people prefer the shot taken with the old crapper lol. I have just been in there and they are all still hovering about like bloody vampires waiting for someone to suck the life out of. People that go there are down, damaged and vulnerable but not that gullible surely.
    I am looking forward to seeing another video on the garden and it’s progress, nice to see something so positive.

    Take care guys

  6. Thanks Pam – you make me laugh today as well as john back on the new thread. Your welcome Andrew – You got skills man. I really appreciated you looking out for me like that Pam – for sure any time you can do that … I am honored and humbled with you doing that for me.

    Would love to see the hill I have heard so much about .. lol – but I hear ya on the privacy things with the kids. 🙂
    My garden video failed on the upload so wont worry about it now — I did take a snap shot of my Bluray collection and posts in the new thread. I get excited talking about my blurays and or scifi movies. I am pleased we have that in common. I also like doco like john too.

    I best leave things for now and relax … very sore from the garden and drained from all those vampires LOL — I agree … I relax on it now.

    Take care guys … is good we have this space too — don’t you think. Like a saftery valve. John you make a lot of sense with what you say about the foumrs and how they be. By the way John — I like it when you go off the rails. 🙂 I mean that in a good way – not when you lose control but I am just saying please to let it all out anytime – because thats what we are all here for … we have a good dynamic I think.

    Andrew I hope all is ok – you are sounding good? … is work OK and all that??? Hope the wife and kids are fine.

    night all ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Something else you guys might find amusing – I was PMed by I’msuffering and recommeded the following book: The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression (A Seth Book)

    The title sounds intriguing to me – you guys know how gullible I am – I searched and searched for a torrent but do you think I could find one. Always happens with things I am interested in and when the link is attached to amazon – sometimes I get lucky with a torrent but not this time – instead I got a torrent to two audio files in a folder:

    Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts [audiobook]

    each audio file is an hour long. Guess who Seth is – The name of someone or entity that was channeled into some lady I think … anyways I will give an ear without much thought and might even find if good to sleep to – its one of those computer voices reading text… I don’t mind that sort of thing … I am like a sponge … what;s worth knowing will eventually stick …

    I thought you might find that amusing anyways – LOL … I don’t know – I don’t want to hate on I’m suffering other than having already basically said or asked – Mate … please speak a little more direct or to the point .. that us all – and I agreed with what John had said how he felt and well – just the general weirdness … does not surprise me now, because that is the angle I felt this [person was coming from to begin with.

    I am big on spiritual connections and whilst this may not be anything to do with it – I will give an ear as I say just for the sake of it … kind of thing … You know I am not the type to be easily pulled into cult type concepts and or things – perhaps I use a word that would shock my mother – I dabble in it … aaahahahahahahaaaaaa pissing myself laughing with that one … sorry guys …

    You all rock … until next blabbering — I do so hope you found some rest pam —

    Thinking of you all — You too Dahila — let me know in caht next we catch up about things in gernal — you too john and man — Andrew …its been ages since we have cuppa too … 🙂 Soon I hope …

  8. Is very wired you know – every time I try to reach out in chat he ignores me. I just wanted to let him know that I got such and such file instead of the book and thanks for the steer. People are strange you know – they PM you and you try to reach out. You guys know that I don’t hold grudges and am sorry when I hurt others feelings – is how I bet played easily I guess – that Kuma by the way is a manipulator – do you not see how he tries to question and hold me accountable then goes in the next jesus thread and starts his own anti Christian campaign – come on … do you see it too????

    Anwways – you have to be careful oof pricks like that — still though, it is trued that ChiloGod reach out to me with a genuine no hard feelings post with no more posts to follow and smart us manipulative shenanigans like Kuma and NF …

    You know you guys have help and taught me to stand up for myself better in a way that gets heard – Thanks Pam and Dahila – you too Andrew … and John – be assured although we still new friends, your encouragement and similar interested help me big time too.

    OK – I go to bed now and see what Seth reckons … lmfoa … hehehe … I do it though … just for kicks … who know maybe I will glean something and if I do, I will let you know Dahila and all.

    You Guys all Rock!!!!!!!!!!!

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