Forum turning Religious –

Hi guys,

Over the last few weeks it would seem more and more weirdos are joining the forum. Personally I have no great issues with such as it’s more an individual thing and also the fact that I myself could be seen as such.  Weird is not so threatening, however when you get religiously minded people together – then we are dealing with a presences that typical intimidates and often creates a dynamic where people are afraid to let others know how such a group has leaves them feeling unsettled.

If we don’t speak out against the threat of religion taking hold – then it will be as I suggest – threads with prayer meetings breaking out all other the place.  Do you really want to log in the Titles such as Jesus and Sin.  The room for self doubt in a place already filled with such low self esteem … COME ON! Really …

Religion loves preying on such weak people … alas … maybe we should just give them free reign … let the place turn religious.  Perhaps I should better learn to ignore the triggers that reign so strong in me.

I’m curious though – do others understand where I am coming from and do you also feel that such a religious presence be detrimental ?

If so – please to tell and explain how you see and why.

(would be greatful if you would cut and paste your reply from here into the forum under the post -. “WARNING – Is now a Christian/Religious Forum – Now a God Forum :(“


10 thoughts on “Forum turning Religious –

  1. I can not accept it, now way, the stupid fuckers, they must ruin every place. We are going back to 13 century 😦

  2. OK, here are my thoughts on the forum and religion. I personally do not think it belongs on there. Not because i am one religion or another but because it seems to throw more tension and more anxiety on those of us that go to the forum for that very reason. There are a lot of young folks on here some very young and they just need good sound advice and or support. I try to live my life the best i can and judging people for there beliefs or just plain judging is one thing i try not to do. I guess it is a public forum but i think that the religion thing may drive some one who really needs the help and support away.
    We as human beings have been killing each other from the beginning of time over religious beliefs and that is one thing i will NEVER understand. It’s a virtual HOT topic that really should NOT be practiced on a anxiety forum. Even though i feel that some are trying to help in there own way it’s just not the best place for that simply for the fact that, Do you REALLY KNOW the person that you are chatting with? A good example might be; we have someone that is border line suicidal and we start throwing religion at him/her and push them over the proverbial edge. What we should have been doing is encouraging him/her to seek help right away. I am a simple man with a simple mind and i just want to help people with the experience i have of suffering with anxiety and depression for 30 + years and also get some help myself from some of the forum members. Peace to all

  3. There are others – but like you say Danuta – they do not have the strength to peak out.

    PS- I have lost pertinence with I’muffering – I have told to simply “FUCK OFF!” He has started to quote you Danuta – I did not like that one bit.- I revert to the Hate that this evil little fuck really is.

  4. I too have lost the inclination to look at any posts there other than yours Dave.

    The religious bs is inappropriate for the very reasons that John states.

    Im suffering pisses me off every time I see anything he writes. He seems to have a perverse pleasure in going after opposing ideas and particularly anything said by Danuta.

    Much as I like to help people, offering strategies to deal with the beast we call Anxiety, I can not nor will I subject myself to that religious crap that only the intolerant can dish out.

    We have so much to offer with all our years of experience, unfortunately the bible thumpers in there are so blinded by their beliefs that no one else’s suggestions count for anything. My heart goes out to those truly suffering, they don’t have the ability to see what is happening to them.

    I now stick to my few friends and and happy and thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you friends for being the marvellous and diverse people you are!

  5. Actually I wanted to manipulate him, and I had achieved it, he approves of me, hehehe
    I do not like the guy from the his first post.

  6. Wrong, he does not approve of anyone, but himself, Pam we feel the same, there is not many of us but each is gentle and loving person:) I am honored to have you as friends 🙂

  7. I am very unhappy also that the forum has become infested but I also feel the more they are challenged the more they play the old persecution card. I think a sharp eye should be kept on there antics and who they decide is pliable for their brainwashing.
    And as for old i’m shivering he gives me the the fucking willies! my hackles went straight up! the first post of his that I read.

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