I’m curious – Have you guys tried playing Blurays on your computer?

Playing Blurays on your computer is not easy without the right software and even with the crap that comes with your Bluray player (PC) it can still be hard to play region free and so forth.

I have software I can share – player software and decrypting software so that you can play just about anything.  Both programs are easy to “CRACK” with straight forward Read-Me / instructions on how to install then crack …

If not interest – then no problem … I won’t upload to Sendspace – SENDAPACE I made an account to share files with you guys –

I am still to do a guide on Utorrent – how to install a torrent program and then how you can simply search Google useing the search string “Torrent “Program name in here”
Bingo – download the torrent – then Utorrent should open and the downloading begins –
A little 101 on readmes/cracking with what to lookfor when installing – what to untick and what not to do – how to disable INTERNET – and even add programs to a fire wall –

The result is being able to download and install otherwise expensive software and also being able to choose more programs that are more common for tutorials on youtube so you can learn how to use them.

You guys interested – ??? I cant do it straight waya – but I can share software I already have through sendspace like the bluray software and decrypting software …

ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz going to watch MOON again – have seen it like 10 times – is always a good watch.


1 thought on “I’m curious – Have you guys tried playing Blurays on your computer?

  1. Well there is a lot of legal items on bit torrent so I would think is fine to post how to install and download. However; Dave I did it all myself with my limited language skills. The information is on internet and you can easily find how to do it. I am using bit torrent for maybe 9 years at least….
    with the programs usually comes the notes how to install. People need to learn it themselves, I was like you trying to help and spend hours of my time, and I know that they had not use the knowledge I was giving them. eh….I hope you understand what I mean?
    I do not have blurays but it does not matter, I am interested in the decrypting software; just the name please:))

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