Don’t get Too Cocky!!!

I went for a night ride on the bike – saw a fire on the beach.  Went to investigate and after peddling for ever because the light of the fire just seemed to stay the same for ever.  After finally arriving I just pulled up on pondered in why the fuck to I even bother getting flustered about right and wrong –

After they called their dog back, I the commenced to the nearest walk way to hit the road for easier pedaling on the way back home –


The chain snapped under load and I’m like OH FUCK!!! hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah — Hmmmmmm “where am I” I thinks to myself – Having no idea how far I had traveled and not acusstomed to the walk way the lead from the beach to the road – it was like a dead end st ??? and when I finally found my way out of it — I’m LIKE — FUCK NO – The Toogoom Shops … I had about like 4 kilometers to push my bike back home.

LOL – and I did – I kind of knew the gearing needed attention – I figure I will use the chain off the other bike that I saved from the dump – and get to know the gearing a little better on said bike.  I have to clean the shed and also this sun room with all my camera and camping gear – SO MUCH TO DO – then I have to shape the garden beds ….

Is all good – Ya live and ya learn – The rear rack and carry cage on it handled quite well as too the lights – I am keen to fix the chain and gearing issues as well as get on top of all that other stuff.

That’s a wrap for today – I am feeing hungry – then will take meds and sleep well tonight.

Hope this find you well.



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