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This morning I just happened by a lone shell which someone had placed on an old fence stump. Having had my little compact camera on me, and also out in search with purpose to catch just that sort of thing – my intuitive side kicked into gear. I dismounted, propped my bike against a tree walked around taking several different shots with several pauses.

Perspective and Size comparison


Throughout the process I cared less to the thoughts of the old couple who become more intrigued with my now behavior, to that previously where I had ignored their greeting when they gave it. Like the out of focus shot to the intro of this post … I wish to blend in, rather than be seen.

It’s been a long time since I have cared for much. First I give this shell the attention I feel it deserves:

Best suited Compisition

Illuminated Presence

I go make some dinner and come back to write a little more. 🙂




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  1. There is a lot of beautiful stuff out there but you must take the time and look even the small things like that shell have such beauty.

  2. well the shell is beautiful. Oh Dave when I am on my bike it is much on my back and easier to pretend not seeing others. Why we are so antisocial? I have to admit ; even when my boss wants to use the desktop computer i am using ; I get upset, I think it is about invading my personal space. I will have to finally install the light room:))
    The damn soaps and lotions do not let me have any spare time.

  3. Right on John. 🙂 – Today I was more consumed with looking for a camping spot for when my friend Ben comes up to visit. I did take some pics and will post about that next.

    Danuta – the seat on the bike I now have hurts me some – I will change it later. Have you got everything adjusted, or tried to re-adjust things like seat hight and angle as well as handle bars height? Sometimes a small adjustment can make a huge difference.

    Today my wife came across a give away – another bike … we are taking it because I would like to fit the pannier rack that comes with it to my bike – might even swap the seat.

    Space is a big thing – I hear what your saying. 🙂 … we should try not to get so frustrated though – Is hard I know … I’ve been trying to give in when out and about with regards to others. as in move aside, give others space and even nod my head. LOL Nodding my head is even a big step for me. Best to give a genuine Nod than a half assed reply. hehehe

  4. I have woman bike but the seat was awful the brown one I got in store, was not that expensive either but it makes a huge difference. Then my hubby raised the hand handles as high as possible and the back pain was gone immediately:)
    My bike has I think 16 frame which is perfect for my 5.4 😉 If your frame is to small it will be not good, The body will be sore. Is yours men’s bike? I think you are kind of tall man?
    Space; You should see me in the grocery store when someone gets to close. I feel crowded everywhere. I think I have a agoraphobia, at least a bit, I hate hugging and I do not need it:)
    I avoid hugging people like Ebola virus:)) you are not alone with it Dave…I think, I have impression that John is like that.
    I have not problem to hug my children or grandchild, but with my son it is quick kiss in the chick (i m not sure about spelling) cause we both are crazy about personal space ;))

  5. Danuta I have to tell you that I am very much the hugging type. My wife is not and it makes me sad. I am a hands on kind of guy – whilst yet I remain mostly “wary” of others and no longer open up as was once my very nature. Whilst that nature has harshly been altered, my compassionate side is still very much the hugging kind. It is a great topic but I have not the time right now – but I must explain further when time permits.

    Something else that missed the mark today – it that I am relatively short by today’s standards. 170cm tall – or about 5’7 … I may have even shrunk with the toil of work I so often bare. 🙂 Your are right about bike frame sizes and matching ones height, however just like with the BS BMI standards that doctors use, it does not account for the variables … such a short of long crutch – leg to torso ration. My leg and torso ration is different to people of the same hight as me – but this can be overcome with changing the size of the cranks (where the pedals connect) – but I most get by changing the seat and handlebars, and live with jumping off the bike when coming to a stand still with such large frames. Is how I make do when using stuff people would otherwise throw out.

    This morning I go pick up that other bike and hopefully work out a way to transfer the pannier rack. (might even transfer the seat 🙂 ) Once done – next fortnight I will find some cheap pannier bags on eBay. That will allow the load on my back to lighten even more.

    I told Ben that when he comes, I just want to camp in a designated camping area in one of the state forest I have previously been. My reason for this is that I know Ben brings more than is needed. His pack weight is now THIRTY FIVE KG . Is too much. I can appreciated the pleasures that come with such, however that combine with the stress of finding a spot far enough away from others, in which I can laugh without bringing attention is a hard task. I will stress too much as I can not control the actions of another and fear the solace and peace needed in such a stealth outing will not be achieved when not on my own – I will stress too much and the opportunity to catch up with my good friend will go to waste.

    So I go one last time – take some photos and video for him and show the camp site. It’s actually pretty good – the only downside is other people being about, but I think us catching up with each other will override any tension from that. Infact – we could still wander off a little and set up camp on the fringes if not 40 od meters past the fringe, which will give us still ample opportunity to check the car, use the toilet and walk around the billabong. There will be some good photos there too, and if he agrees, I will bring my DSLR (Maybe-probably if we end up camping in such an area – I just use good storage technique to let my good camera and lenses breath) –

    That’s my news for now –

    Hope this finds you all well –

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