Kicking Back with the Hammock and Now me new Bike :)

Bike Ride

Hi guys, (Hi Dave) … I have not really blogged as such or written in my old format to which I often speak to myself.  I am finding these video blogs interesting – it reminds me of how I would write as if not too worried who saw and thought what about it.  A kind of therapeutic activity with a bit of affirmation – almost like being my own companion as no one can understand me better than myself.

The new acquisition of the bike has really opened something up within me.  I think it be more a empowerment like it is to simply start a walking routine where it is the taking control of one’s direction that gives purpose where once before very little movement took place there seemed like little reason to do anything at all.

I would now set mind to staying overnight in the bush I seem so favorable to relax.  I only need to come up with a mosquito repellant that is not poisonous to my skin, yet effective in its job. Today’s use of tea tree oil and water seemed not as effective as last time I used it.  Perhaps I can resort to a mild form of spray – I shall test before the night is embarked.

It would seem my four night expedition into the bush with my friend Ben is set for a weeks time or so.  I need to find more favorable ground – near the beach yet far enough away from the back yards of others.  Whilst seeking to scout ahead, I am yet to finish preparing my garden beds – I seek to do some more of that before heading off on my bike tomorrow.

I got some more batteries for the compact came.  Please bear with the low camera angles as I am trying to save on weight with leaving my heavier gear back at home.  I must remember to get another seat for the bike – OUCH – I am feeling it already and the night has not yet passed.

It’s been a real buzz being able to relax in my hammock knowing I can just throw all in my sack and jump on the bike.  The walking makes me feel more exposed – I can do it in the bush, but not around other people.  The world is truly a stage with everything we own being read as some kind of broadcast of you we are.  What a fake world in which we live.  Now when I ride, I am simply focused on the pedals, road and the zone I fall so easily in – I do so much easier now with kidneys now in mind.

Well – that’s my upload done – I will share yet another vid – A G’day for anyone listening.  I unlist my vids after I link – typically so things are still private, yet those who have the link can still share as is my own purpose.  Again – I just like hearing my own thoughts … if you can share with me, or even better – connect with me – then that’s a real bonus.

I wish you guys peace  – until my next scouting session – relaxation and healing experiences – I aim to convalesce in order to gain strength – a day at a time is still way for me – I still don’t care for the names attributed to each day – I let others bring that to attention, rather than fuss over time as it’s been altered.  People just want to pop pills without regard for time – Not much healing will take place with such a pace – it was something Lisa told me – with her studies into western herbal medicine – One of the most effective strategies in dealing with healing that is no longer regarded – is the simple act of convalescing.

Hang easy friends … and watch out for the charlatans.

PS – just adding the Fire I captured from Yesterday:
Slide Show:

Up from the Toogoom Turn Off - Near Bike Trail Network


3 thoughts on “Kicking Back with the Hammock and Now me new Bike :)

  1. Looks like a place that i would like to be. How far can you actually go on those bike trails?
    P.S. you look so relaxed.
    I go find that thread you talked about on forum, i feel i have missed something.

  2. That’s living! a hammock, coffee, trees and birds that’s all you really need for a perfect day. Thank’s for your kind comments on the pictures, try and stay relaxed. Loving the videos always a treat.

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