Improved Transport –

1993 mountain bikePicked up mountain bike yesterday for $25.00.  Quite a bargain for what I got.  There is rust that needs tending to and I also need to ride it a lot more before I can say for sure just how well it performs, but none the less I am really gladdened to have a bicycle once more.

Having a bicycle means that when I am out and about – that between point A and point B – I am more focused on where I am actually traveling whilst traveling – especially when on a path and traffic is about.  Because of this, I feel less anxious about others focusing on me.

The others aspect to having a bicycle is that I feel more at ease “hanging” about the place in my hammock, as having the bicycle propped up against a tree  whilst having a lay in the hammock looks less permanent and more touristy.  Perhaps I may be wrong – however that is how I feel and will now hang about more in the open.

I can also now take photos from the side of the road, where pulling over in my car seemed more of a menace that someone just pulled over with a bicycle.   It also feels as if I can make short day trips easily as well – without worrying too much about the walking here and there – yet I will still get exercise.

S0 – I remain hopeful that no too much needs doing with this bike and if so, that it will not be much.  Today I hope to get a little more done in the garden – start making up the shape of the beds.  I also hope to take the bike for a test run with a small pack and take a snap of that.

I got some extra and more powerful batteries for my compact to keep me going for hours and hours – all in all – yesterday turned out to be AOK.

Now I go do another POEM to counter the BS Faith advice that tends to lead others towards looking outside themselves.  Search for “How faith can help you with anxiety” – I can see how focusing more on healing is more beneficial than always focusing on the pain – but this kind of preaching I can’t stand.  They only have 3 posts, which makes me think it’s purpose is more a trigger and reactionary response to my own tellings – so it is that I find what section of the forum it lays and make and or continue on my own quest to paint the truth regarding such oppressive and brainwashing crap.

Have a good day all. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Improved Transport –

  1. Honestly – just do it for the peace of mind. It feels really great to be able to get about without the need for petrol or gas. Being able to go more places as well. I don’t think my tummy is going anywhere soon – I am pleased to report that I am doing OK itching wise. 🙂

    Hope all is well with everyone.

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