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Big day today … ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just going to leave it all in the video today —- to tired to type … am yet to wet it all down again in the morning and continue with the sugar cane mulch……I got all the compost in now and wet the beds down some to both keep the living organisms happy and also to stop the wind from blowing any of the good stuff on top away … will continue with wetting in the morning by soaking each bed one at a time then mulching —- wet and mulch then next bed type of thing … so each bed does not dry out too quick … the wind has that effect even on good soil – let alone sand.

Night guys ūüôā ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Garden Grows

Todays Pictorial Guide of getting things done:

More much and compost mulch and compost SAND

I remembered to take a tarp this time.¬† I’m not happy with how much I get in my trailer with one scoop they call a “half meter”¬† Aparetnly that’s all they can put in my trailer size – I’ve had other places put in a full meter.¬† Anyways – I’ll need another two loads – so I think.¬† I need to put something in that damn sand.¬†It was too windy to shovel the dried compost so going to do that in the morning … need to be layered evenly on top and then dug in – after that wet it … soak it … then layer the mulch on top and pack that down and wet at the same time.¬†¬† Then like the other plants – I will plant with additional mix to further assist the plants …

The others already undergone this process seems to be doing well … The mulch does a good job keeping the beds moist.¬† So far so good.¬† I still need to come up with a cheap wind break … thinking bamboo sticks and weed mat for a wall.

Hope you guys are well.¬† How’s the forum going?????????¬† Vampires still lurking Danuta? ūüôā


Bunkering in here Now –

Todays Visitor

1st up the photos is of today’s visitor.¬† actually we have had the pillage a few times now.¬† It’s not like we feed him or anything – he just seems to help himself when no ones in the kitchen.¬† I did give in broke up some weetbix – might buy some seed if he persist in coming back.


I really drained guys – I know many of us say it (“oh I am leaving the forum”)¬† … But I will be out for a while and just sticking in here.¬† Whilst I did my video thing – which for me, was more about toning down the Bullshit rather than just apologising.¬† Whilst many chose to see it more as an apology and missed the more important message of “Hey – you’ve correct one guy, but now your “still”¬†carrying on with the same shit/doing the same thing¬†…” – SIGH … Is easier to simply focus on the apology – whiles I think some of those that mattered saw the other message as well.
Although I have accepted the new chip on the block – The games continue and I still feel uneasy as Dahila does – Now having said that, I do believe some compassion is deserving and understand and also encourage you guys to give as you do –¬†It may well be that ¬†I’msuffering¬†is out if his own depth opening up like so.

I no longer have the energy to find out – and I am also a little drained with so many young ones who are of a different world to me – So I just go about my garden and post in here.

I do regret John that I may not see you photos as too cullys … I don’t think there is a way to share here, however if you have a flikr account or something like it you could ling me to a photo/set/slideshow …

That’s all for now — feeling very headachy with the sweats and very sore gums (bottom left side) ….. itching is back and all that ….
On a brighter not I found a Herb Farm that deals in medical herbs РNot the best quality, but good enough.  Today I planted Wormwood РYarrow Рand YES РDandelion

ENGLISH DADELION – apparently its the proper one for medicinal unlike the “smaller” variety typically found¬†as a weed in the suburbs … or so I was told¬†¬†….

I put in chamomile¬†/peppermint/Pineapple sage and more lemon¬† balm …

I even dug another bed because I planted Mint in a spot with too much sun – so will grow some bushes in front of them ……….

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I slow down now and do vid tomorrow¬† ….
Night all……………………………

david_kynaston <— is my Skype … Danuta I only text myself … but you have not accepted my request … please let me know if its just a case that you would rather not … I rather use Skype because I think I am done with the forum for now.

Anyone is welcome to add me — just le me know if you used different usernames – again, happy to just type …

Going to install LINUX -> Ubuntu

It’s nothing fancy – (although it can be turned into a beautiful interface) but it’s more secure than windows and it FREE! ¬†There is actually an Ubuntu Political party with some Utopian ideas based on socialist ideals which suits me fines. ¬†Perhaps not as dictatorial but based the better meaning of the word Free in all its form.

ANYWAYS – about the operating systems itself. – Here is the Link to which I will start this journey for my Desktop –

I’m just going to put on a small HDD – My SSD HDD is only 55GB after install, however it’s a solid state HDD which runs much much faster than my older ones. ¬†15GB of free HDD space is recommended, however I suggest more. ¬†You can always install programs to another HDD which is why I don’t mind using my smaller SSD Drive. ¬†–

INSTALLING – the OS itself should be as easy as dwonloading from the link and following the instructions. ¬†Last-time was having turn burn the file as an Image to CD or Iso to CD – putting into the drive and running it on startup. ¬†I really don’t know at this stage as I will be learning it all over again.

UBUNTU now has many years of support behind it now and the community are very supportive.  It is becoming less and less an issue with having to learn text commands with inputting into a terminal text box.  I am hoping it has more left and right click options.

ALSO Рhoping is has more in the way of Software as well.  Open Office is a hugely recognized these days and cross compatible with MW Word РThe Web Browsers and many other software packages all good too.

Games – HMMM – early on LINUX sucked for Games, but now I think there are more and more options- ¬† I have even read about people running WOT – Word Of Tanks …

People do run WINDOWS applications on Linux, however they use a program called WINE – generally speaking this emulator slows down the performance of windows programs, which run quicker on a windows OS where its meant to run. SO – this is why I will be Running Both Windows and Linux. ¬†I’ll also need windows for my photography software as again – WINE – “does not emulate at the speed” I require. Best to have multi operating systems that you can boot into. ¬†I will use Linux for WEB activity/writing/Emailing and maybe My world of Tanks if I believe it runs smooth enough. – I will use Gimp for my basic picture editing – however will mostly load into windows when walking back into the house from a photo shoot. ¬†then restart into Linux after uploading shots in windows … something like that.

Multi OS Boot Up – I will have to read up on how to install with a windows OS running as well. ¬†I’m betting the Ubuntu install will auto setup a startup menu giving a one and two option in DOS mode before loading up.

My windows is in need of a reinstall as well. РThink I will do it first!  I must check my download limit and see where we are with that.

Well take care guys – John – thanks for mentioning LINUX to me. ¬†UBUNTU still stands of one of the most user friendly distributions. I’ll be installing that for my Desktop.

Later. ūüôā



Lots of work yet to be done

I’m a bit sick guys so sorry I can’t reply much in the forum – I’m going to make some more protection tomorrow so will plant later then. ¬†I need to go back on veggies I think and drink more water. ¬†Itching is starting back up, but I wont cry about it much ¬†— smiles and goes SIGH ūüôā ¬†I did not have the money to fill the garden, but I seem to be adding things in the right spots and putting it together the right way. – Not sure about the Rosemary up the back – however it can grow higher than the Lavender, so i think I did the right thing there – all in all I think they are placed well – in such a way that I can expand on too …

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Boy am I saw and tired. ¬†Night All ….

I will get some watering cans – I don’t water like that after the plants have gone in. ¬†The watering is an art in itself and something that I like to do just right. – I babble on that once I find myself in such a zen mood ūüôā … I will recover quickly with eating veggies once more and find more to do in the yard off this computer. ūüôā ¬†(I also will move the mulch back with those plants that do no like to be too wet – I think lemon balm is like that … I will re-read all that sort of thing … although I am dealing with sand! ¬†The sides will still need mulch to block the wind. ¬†No matter, as you will see it all unfold and can tell me what you think as I give good images for you to see.

Don’t forget to self 720p – I have made that mistake not doing so of late in the setting icon in each vid.