When I Grew Corn – I GREW CORN!!!



Home Grown CornAt least 8 foot tall if not more.  The fence in the background is 6 foot, and most people used to comment on my corn as seen from the street two houses over.



9 thoughts on “When I Grew Corn – I GREW CORN!!!

  1. That’s just outstanding Dave. When did you grow that? You know, now that you have posted that pic you now have to beat it with this new garden. Do I hear 10ft? Get your ladder out to harvest Dave!

    • That’s was a little over 10 years ago – I do believe it was close to 10 feet or only just short of it. I believe %100 of the corn now grown is GMO – very sad. I am not sure about getting corn that is not GMO – but is ok – we will be extinct soon and there is a chance that nature could reestablish itself before the sun will eventually wipe out the stage for good.

      With regards to permission – that was government housing also known as housing commission – the term itself meant to others “whom did not live in such housing” – it meant that you were part of a group that was undesirable – therefore this was one time I took great pleasure in NOT asking for permission and ripped up every blade of grass in the entire back yard!!!! When we left I also did fuck all!!!

      I can tell you that everything I grew was desired by many of my neighbors in that undesirable allotment of town. I took a lot of drugs back then in order to suffer living under such a banner, purely because of which town I lived in – but that is another story.

      Have a good day all.

    • The garden is not meant to be my all, but yes, I am busy enough thank you. I much prefer to be able to wander the bush without cause to feel so invasive. To me that is more important than my attempts to grow on someone else’s land.

      I received a call from the real estate saying the Owners have agreed to let us on for 12 months – Such proposals make me want to throw up! I’m sick of being Lorded over like so. I say FUCK ALL HUMANS! … and I also say fuck the LAW and all the RULES.

      I no pick up my Large Back Pack and go Walkabout for all to see!!! I hate the walk between my house and the bush – that part is like walking on a fucking stage!!! – But I must start doing it – so as to desensitize myself from the stares and just go do what I fucking want to do – eat, sleep and shit in the woods.

      Forgive my frustration – I’m just kind of over feeling this way. As I say, only way to get over it, is to go own what it is I want to do – and teach myself to care not – for what others think … just do what I want to do.

      I’m just sick of hearing the “beholden ” attitude in others when they talk as if one should be eternal grateful for fucking breathing. Pheeewwwww and Sigh …

      I don’t know – again … sorry I am not feeling so good – however the thought of just putting on my large pack and walking about as if “FUCK EVERYONE ELSE” sounds like a plan … I’m not sure if you guys can appreciate or understand where I am coming from about the self consciousness given to how humans this day and age are always look at others in a judging way – always looking on wanting to know what of, what if, who are, where are and all the others fucking causes to ones breath, ownership and or purpose –

      I go put that large pack on now, and start exercising like so 🙂 Start acting the hobo as I seem more at home – without being in someone else fucking house – just BEING out in the Land to which I am made to feel as If I have no right to be!!!!!!!

      My reply to any would be fucking sticky beak – If you don’t fucking mind, I’m just looking for a tree in which TO HANG!!!! FUCK OFF CUNT and let me BE!

      As i said back in the forum – I’m also looking to start writing some poems. Right now though – I am too angry – I just can’t find any space in which to own myself.

      Again – My Apologies.

      Will report back on how my walk went.

      Peace as best you can find it. 🙂

  2. If you realize how much my situation is similar to yours. eh heck Dave get the peace you need and come back when you want to:))

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