Just another Video Blog – Testing compact video

Had a good shoot with the new camera ๐Ÿ™‚

Wet Track


4 thoughts on “Just another Video Blog – Testing compact video

  1. Thanks Dave, not to many places left on this planet that you can “run” from the sounds of civilization. LOL Peace and video looked great.

  2. Your welcome John – I made that trip a little further up North I have been meaning to take. I share that one after a little R&R. Not that it was hectic in the rain forest – far from it. My son was sent in to get me out, as I could not stop taking photos with the new compact.

    At the last moment, I remember to take a quick video so will upload that next. Guess what – It was actually dead silent – kind of weird … maybe the forest was watching me. I was there at miday, however the canopy allows for photos all day. I would love to be there on dusk and dawn to hear the birds.

    I have a feeling I will be back there a few times. I’ll make up a slide show a bit later – will no doubt share on the forum as well – Minus the Video. I think people are getting creeped out with those. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take Care John.

  3. Good day Dave.

    Well, back in the bush you are….you seem so at home and relaxed, it’s good to see. I think you made a good purchase with that little compact camera. I can’t tell the difference between a video made with that one and your other one. I’m sure there are differences but not to my untrained eye.

    Damn dogs woke me up early so this is a quick post to say hi and I’m going back to bed for a while, 6:34 am is just a bit early for me these days. It’s going to be another hot one here. So I can’t laze about too long, must be the good daughter in law and go install my mother in laws air conditioner this morning. She’s 82 and not really fairing too well, she has the early to mid Alzheimer’s disease and it will be interesting to see if she even let’s is in her apartment today, sometimes she forgets we are coming and won’t open the door.

    Other than that I am doing a bit better each day, now I have to get a move on and get my house put back together, being ill so long I’ve let too many things slide and all the little things that need doing are really beginning to bug me.

    Anyway Dave, you look quite well and sound pretty good too, hoping this is actually the case for you. Btw, what are the next steps for your garden?

    Cheers my friend, until tomorrow!

    • Well i hope this finds you well rested. ๐Ÿ™‚ – My wife tells marijuana is now being used on patients with Alzheimerโ€™s. I know it sounds quite insane, however they say it actually it helps.My wife is interested in it’s healing properties and well into her diploma in western herbal medicine. I could go on about it, but don’t want to rave too much. I think people should be allowed to grow it and used at their own discretion. I think the natural plant itself and use of less potent parts of the plant would in fact help myself taken orally. I won’t debate on that, other than say it’s yet something else man has altered for the worst and the laws passed on it in most dominating societies are passed so for selfish reasons.

      I know what you mean about those little things building up – I do hope we can both keep things in check regarding such an issue. Nothing feels better then when one is on top of things. If garden is dry enough – today I will start shaping the beds and walkways ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks sharing with me Pam – much appreciated.
      Wishing you and yours well.

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