Tilling Done – Bed Making Stage Next


5 thoughts on “Tilling Done – Bed Making Stage Next

  1. Hi Dave,
    Can you remove some of the tiller tines and make your planting row with that tiller? The whole thing looks really good, lot’s of work involved,
    Peace to you and yours Dave

    • That’s a really good idea Pam. I am not sure – I can tell you though that after I went back out and went a little deeper, I broke one of the tines. 😦 –

      I tracked down a supplier on the other side of the country – $15.00 to replace the broken tine + $20.00 postage. I am going to order two tines so I have a spare. It broke just where it meets the nut and bolt – Should be an easy repair.

      Not to worry though – I finished all the breaking up and will now take my time making the beds, picking out what grass roots remain. Once I have shaped it all – Lisa will work out the funds for composting each bed as I go.

      I will think more about a plough — but will most likely use a shovel for that 🙂

  2. Hi Dave,

    Well that little machine has just paid for itself. The time and toil on the body you just saved yourself is huge.

    Looking forward to seeing the next steps as it progresses.

    It does look fantastic!

  3. Yeah the machine is awesome, it is incredible useful. My hubby took like a feet of soil around the house with it. We have a heavy clay with the shovel it would take a half of year at least. Dave you really enjoy doing it. Your movement is better , you sound better….I am going to follow you , I could probably learn a few tricks. 🙂

  4. Thanks guys – srry John. I must of been lacking O2 to call you Pam instead of seeing it was you that talked about the mod on my tiller. Sorry. Great idea JOHN 🙂

    Thanks Pam and Danuta – feeling a little dopy this morning and have not even taken my next dose for the morning yet .. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz will push through as usual.

    Have a good evening guys.

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