Tiller has arrived – allbeit in a bad state.

We were not impressed when our parcel arrived today.  There was a huge hole ripped into the side of it, and it was also covered in engine oil.  How would you feel John if this happened to you?
I had to fight my urge to jump on the phone and rip a new ass hole into to the person who takes complaints on this kind of thing – Truth is, this happens so much, that I kind fo thought something like this would happen.  As soon as I heard the name Toll Ipec, I winced to think I has just made a purchase with a retailer that uses such a pathetic freighting company.  I stopped complaining and using that company ages ago –

Not to worry – I was able to use some bits a pieces to put it together and if necessary will go to the hardware shop to get the proper bolts and washers further down the track.  For now I am happy it is put together and seems not to be leaking – YET

I have yet another days work at least so there is plenty of time to see if it leaks.  I have lubricated and done the gear and engine oil – read the manual and know this line of tiller as previously owned one before this last move.

All in all – It’s good to have a hand now 🙂

Set up and ready to go


5 thoughts on “Tiller has arrived – allbeit in a bad state.

  1. I would be pissed. I would also be right on the phone and also send them that video just incase you develop a problem down the road. Dam nice looking unit though

  2. Too bad about the shipping issues, hope there isn’t any problem down the line. But you Dave seem to be very resourceful and will likely correct any issues which could eventually arise.

    I really want one of those, but alas it is not in the budget right now. I think my husband would kill me for buying one of them before I get my new refrigerator that I’ve been whining about for years. Oh, if only my sisters law suit against the local hospital would only progress and be settled I could have both! But that is another sad story.

    Today is going to rain most of the day so maybe I’ll work on some indoor projects I have started and never finished. At least as long as the energy lasts.

    I read in one of your posts that your itching seems to be less lately, that is good to hear! I hope it continues.

    Here’s to both of us on our roads to wellness. Cheers!

  3. I will link you to the one i have http://www.reelmowerscanada.com/tillers/mantis/
    It is such awesome tool. I am sorry to hear about the freight company , I work in Freight company and something like that would be immediately fixed. I can not imagine delivery with broken parts. It is the way they use forklifts…shame. The most important you got it:) I love the machine, 🙂

  4. I can’t believe they dared to deliver it in that state I would have refused to accept it. You must have been so pissed off when you saw that, I can’t wait to see a video of you roaring that bad boy around!.

  5. Hi guys – in good time Pam – Danuta’s one looks like a good deal. I got mine on Fleabay 🙂
    I get most of my stuff off eBay and generally don’t have a problem – its piss easy to put in a claim if you buy everything via Paypall. None the less have to have the funds first. I understand where you are coming from.

    Once I get sick of my stuff – I resell in order to get other things. We have a good ebay account which helps.

    Freighting company got back to me with bugger all of an apology – My wife told then that hubby was not after a reply – just letting them know, the standard of service pictured in the video has gone Viral on the INTERNET. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa hehe

    Oh well – I have new video to upload of back in the bush – no time to till, but that video will come soon as I have to start digging soon – we had a cold snap here and I froze my balls off in the garage – I was unprepared – tonight I will be ready 🙂

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