Still a Damn Mystery

David Kynaston Mystery Rash 7 months and counting David kynaston Mystery Rash 7 months


7 thoughts on “Still a Damn Mystery

  1. it looks exactly like mine years ago, it is allergy, I am sure of that. Please wear long pants when you go to bush, it could be something you got there and it never was healed properly. I have reaction , similar one to mosquito bite. It takes for ever to heal. I use for this reason Betaderm Oint. 0.1%( Betamethasone val.0.1%)
    It is saving my skin every summer.
    I would also say you have eczema, or psoriasis

  2. Thanks Danuta – Much appreciated. The doc wants to see how I am over the next few says on the anxiety medication as well as antihistamines. . Whilst this goes against my own judgments, it will provide the doctor a base to go on – hence my co-operation, despite having no faith in the medical system.

    A kind of “I told Ya so” – OR – I might get lucky and he may be better able to treat me.

    See what happens – There is a lot of body to cover, so the plan is to heal as much as I can, before using too much steroid cream. No doubt – it is an option and one that awaits the outcome on my next visit or the one after that.

    Again – your words are a valuable source of healing for me.

    Many Thanks – So glad that you visit my Blog.:)

  3. I visit you blog everyday, at least twice, I can not miss anything. Yes it is stereoid cream but I use a small 60 g for years it does not lose the potency even one few years old. I quit all other medication of this type. I could not go anywhere without the cream;)) if you use it occasionally only it is good, worse when you use it constantly.

  4. Be assured, if things do not improve in the next month or two, I will be seeking to acquire this cream of which you talk.

    I am gladdened you come to check on my Blog as you do. Please feel free to bring anything you wish to light. It’s no easy task … this journey we all find ourselves on. It’s good when we can help each other like so. As soon as I feel my itching is in not such an issue, I will go do an overnighter in the bush, as has been my yearning for sometime now.

    Have a good evening Danuta 🙂

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