I posted in the forum, but wanted to share here as well. More info about this picture at the forum.

I am back on the Meds guys. I know I must sound crazy going on and off and on and then off again, only to come back on them.  It’s the only way I can prove myself or disprove myself.  I have the title which will give me the date commenced.  Unlike last time, I have a good knowledge now with regard to knowing the importance of my metabolism, diet and activity.  I will keep note of all those things.

As well as being back on the Seroquel, I am also taking phenergan.  I take both of those together at night.  Talk about ZONKED OUT … lol.  I did sleep like a log though.  In the morning with breakfast I will take one antihistamine as well. All together, that is a lot of antihistamines BUT I will do it and stick with it and write it all in here – We shall See!

This way – the Doctor can know for sure what is going on and it happens.  When I saw him, I made more of an attempt to allow him a door – with a genuine opening from my end – “Hey DOC, how are ya!” I was with my wife and still only just walking out of the waiting room as I greeted him like so.  I was genuine was I extended my hand and he seemed to of dropped his guard with such an “act” – but Acting is was not … from there we seemed to of communicated a little better.  I do not tell this as in the problem was all me – I tell it, because I am so over with my suffering – I was desperate, so one of us had to give.  This too – we shall see.

I best go do more in my Garden – when I said I had finished my patch, I only meant the little segmented one I was waling on – I have a lot more to go yet.  I start a bigger segment toady, so there will only be one more segment after that.

Got some table and chairs for the garden when looking for an old shirt to ware in the sun.  I may very well do an updated video from the garden today – I’ll be on my best behavior and try to inspire … hehehehhe … lol

My wife says I am like an emo with all my little vids – but again – this is where my wife and I are different people.  I am a touchy feely kind of guy and don’t mind being that way.  There is much my wife knows that is good about me, that she can not put her finger on – other than I do well communicating with others whom have been hurt like me.  My kids have benefited from this side of me – they see more clearly – they see through the white toothy smiles of others …

I now rave too much … I enjoy making the different video I do – other than my Vblog ones I mean – As I learn more, I will try to include me less and show more or what is around me – but at the same time, allow myself to indulge the way I do – it’s like when I write to myself – I watch the vids also – it’s not a vain thing – its actually a good mirror to look into I thinks – Like looking into the mirror for the right reasons is all.

Take care guys – I’ll try to leave a little oxygen in my system – when I make my vid … 🙂

Tiller will be here before I am finsished no doubt.  I go see if I have 4 stroke oil.

Adios … again thanks for supporting me guys … I know none of you will be able to stick here for good – but I really appreciate you guys simply sharing with me as you have be so kind in doing.

Take care and catch up soon 🙂

I upload a few pictures to show how itchy I have been of late and why I have to change my plan of attack:  This is when my skin is NOT inflamed – when I break out – these areas welt up into hard lumps – go a deep red and burn for quite some time.  It’s hard to not bleed from scratching.  It is also on my arms and spreading.  I would show when inflamed, however I am in no state to do anything when in so much pain.  I have hard enough time doing activity without the itching being appeased.  I am always itching lately and it’s getting worse.  This is why we now go back on the meds – to treat my axiety which make things worse and up the antihistamines – but on a strict plan – again I refer to the date of this topic later on and take the proper doses – this way it will be up to the doc to see exactly what I mean – about the suffering and reactions … only day 1 in this regard … we shall see.  Again, it may not look bad – but what you see is the staging area from which a tone of pain breaks out when I am no doing so well — I go in garden now … Peace to you all.

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3 thoughts on “BACK ON THE MEDS

  1. Oh Dave, i am not going anyplace soon. My forhead is actually swelled and itching all day not sure why ( sympathy pain? )
    p.s. i recognized that last tattoo, hehehe my younger years.

  2. It is not scabies for sure, it looks like allergy, I get something like that when I am hit by mosquitos. Just remember anxiety will cause the itch, have been there. you need to put all apart look at the segments and make a plan,
    Dave not drastic changes , otherwise you will not know what is causing it. Usually a week is enough to get the idea.
    I Have skin cancer on my face (benign so far) and I need to put sunblock on, For the last two weeks I get bumps like you do. Itchy and actually pretty painful. I do not not know what to do………. It must be chemicals in sunblock.
    Dave try to use soap only on places you have to , rest treat with lukewarm water only…

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m not going anywhere either! Hope this works out with the meds, you certainly need relief.

    I’m having up and down days, wish I could get resolution on the issues on my right side, it’s starting to piss me off now. Going back to doctor on Monday to see where we go next. I haven’t got a clue. Sometimes it feels like inflation around the ribs, sometimes it feels like it’s coming from under the ribs. Just don’t know.

    Anyway, here’s to better days for both of us! Cheers.

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