Had a good afternoon :)


5 thoughts on “Had a good afternoon :)

  1. Looks like you you had a good time, I agree sometimes there is nothing better than escaping alone and sit and listen. Cool idea about the bean shelter I really like that! thanks for doing the videos in the bush I love to see that.

    Cheers Dave

  2. Very nice Dave,
    people always ask me how I can stay up in my tree stand so long when I am hunting. It’s because its so dam peaceful just like you said! Some will never know what we already know about nature. Peace
    p.s. most people rarely look up when walking through the woods and they should ( especially before going to the bathroom, you never know who is watching from the trees hehehe).

  3. You look so peaceful Dave, good to see. I know what you mean about the peace just sitting out in nature.

    My favourite place on earth is where my father grew up, family property which has a cottage, we affectionately call it the bomb shelter, as it is essentially a concrete structure built into the side of a hill. The best part is that there is nothing but bush for miles and miles around it. Pristine land, beautiful lake, and next no people. No phone, cell or otherwise, no tv nothing! I love the place! Peace and quiet, people just don’t appreciate the value of it.

  4. Thanks guys – I regret saying I finished my garden patch – I meant I have finished that segmented patch I was working on – I have another two larger patched within the rectangular I dug out … I will try and move on with that today – will do an update video from the garden showing my new table and chairs I picked up for 25 bucks.

    I’m glad you guys also noticed I was more at peace. It was sure an effort to go out though … I did inflame my rashes and welts – BUT – so strong was the energy and so receptive I be to it, that it did more more good than harm.

    I also noted immediately when viewing the playback on this video just how less stressed I look, as I know my face is really stressed in my other videos. The thing about me, is what you see is what you get – so even if I appeared stressed – one can take solace in the fact that what I also say is on par with that – it is as is and or was.

    Going to make morning my post before I run out of things to say.

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