Updated Doctors Notes


Just throwing the final edit out there.  My wife help some with the editing and then I did some more which might of been bad grammar.  I will never forget how only after a month or two on antidepressants how my ears started to ring, and have never stopped since!

Grrrrrrr – I am so much into learning about how to balance with healthy food. Or making my food healthy by balancing the bodies imbalance with what I put in.
Final Edit – appointment with Dermatologist Today.  I am more counting on what the GP has to say more so.  These different doctors really do not keep linked as they should.  I made two copies.  I left out a lot of stuff but this is more relating to NOW as well as my reasons to this fucking doctors attitude (and NILL ENCOURAGEMENT) towards me healing Naturally!  Is such a shame they do not and will not listen when people are presenting the Side Effects right before their fucking Noses.

It’s also SAD that society also chooses to ignore such side effects and opt for the quick way out, later wondering what and why they are presenting with other complications further down the track.  I firmly believe half my anxiety has been both created and heightened through the use of prescriptions sort from Doctors who live of “kick Backs” -> ( Gifts for perspiring certain medications!!!) This is the attitudes we be subjected under our health care today and has been for many many decades:

I left out possibility of histamine intolerance and other things – but I know these too are also one of many on the list of side effects.  Shot term fixes can be as detrimental as long term users – who create an imbalance and dependency.  The side effects thus far on anything presented to me are not worth it and actually makes things worse.  Attitudes of any doctors I have come across, have not worked with me to find better alternatives.  Such is the medical state for welfare Dependant types and attitudes towards those who seek more natural alternatives.



  • Kidney Failure Age 18/19 – Teenage Alcoholic/drug addict Suffered Alcohol Poisoning multiple times


  • Rhabdomyolysis 2007 (Exertion Induced) – Renal Failure hospitalized 7 days avoided dialysis


  • Tinnitus – 2012 (brought on by antidepressants and triggered later by seroquel/quitipine)


  • Gall Bladder Removed 2010


  • Itching none stop since Dec 2013 – Almost Immediately after stopping 3 months using Seroquel


  • Treated for scabies started April 2014 :

4 x Doses of oral ivermectin (1 week apart) each taken in excess to make sure.


5 x Double applications of 5% permethrin cream. Multiple applications taken within the Week.

Coated body in sulfur and petroleum jelly multiple times – Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Diatomaceous earth, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Coconut Oil.


Antihistamines sometimes up to 4 per day – Gave short term relief, but stopped working now.


  • Apparently scabies no longer present but itching continues. I question if I actually ever had Scabies?


  • Do NOT like to take Seroquel & Anti-depresants “long Term” Because:
    Patient has a predisposition to Kidney Failure and already has an impaired Kidney.
    Patient is sensitivity to Tinnitus and is triggered/heightened with the use of such medications.
    Patient has exhibited sever itching and cramps whilst on and off Seroquel – (itching is heightened/extreem when coming off)

Itching started first time immediately after coming off Seroquel in Dec 2013 then flared up going back on Seroquel in Feb 2014 and May 2014
Current Symptoms:

  • Constant itching, mainly on Legs and Arms.
  • Sores take a long time to heal, Water Oozing out of open scabs


  • Upon Waking – legs cramp intensely when stretching in bed
  • Itching intensifies with exertion (laborious work/exercise)
  • Cramps in both the arms and legs (thighs and calf’s) becoming more frequent with exertion
  • Itching intensifies when eating too much of the wrong foods
  • Itching intensifies when drinking too much fluid
  • Has sore kidneys – more so on the right side


  • Increasing Confusion, memory issues & frustration over simple issues. (wife noticed this happening slowly over the last 6-12 months, getting increasingly worse)


  • Wife has noticed smell on breath and body similar to that when I had Rhabdomyolysis.


  • Frequent urination, urgency, slow stream. Urine often colourless.


  • Have tried changing eating habits, went on juicing diet for a week or so, did not ease itching and often made it worse.

6 thoughts on “Updated Doctors Notes

  1. I replied .. 🙂 … the apointment was a disaster, but because I was not warned it was a video conference – BAD MISTAKE for someone like me … MY GP DID NOT WARN ME – I see him Thursday and will be letting him know what a surprise he gave me and how fucked it was.

    First question the display gave me, “What can I do for you” FUCK I HATE THAT QUESTION! If they don’t fucking know, then they can’t do fuck all …. can they.

    I just want to go in my garden.
    PS Had a major flare up today – but used a cold pack/ice pack which helped heaps. Too much direct sunlight is not good I thinks.

    You know something Dahila … I think we do better job … The kidney diet I like it!!!!

  2. What a load of crap! Video appointment???? What the h*ll is that nonsense? I’ve heard if it in the UK but really…. What the heck type of medicine is that? A load of donkey turd, and the ass is the doctor. Grrrrrr!

    Did anything useful come out of it? Seems like my distrust of the medical profession is spot on! Bunch of useless money hungry beggars. So now you have to wait until Thursday to maybe get to see another quack who does nothing for you. Aarrrrrgggghhhh. Sorry, this just pisses me off! You are suffering and I hate to see it.

    Glad the ice packs gave you some relief. It seems that if we are to survive what ails us we need to be a detective and figure it out for ourselves.

    I’m so hoping that Thursday goes better for you, and you lop off the head of your GP who gave you no for warning of the type of appointment that one would be. Grrrrr!!!!

    Do your best to have a good day Dave. Thinking of you as always.

  3. Well we all know about quacks , they are treating us. Dave I send you an email with what I know, how to manage what you probably have. Of course I am not doctor.
    I can not imagine myself or my hubby in this situation. Crap, maybe I could somehow control myself but not he. He gave shit to everyone when he was in hospital…..including all specialists.
    Have in his record that he can be aggressive, which actually help the fucken doctors to listen to him……….. Watch out for the sun , it can aggregate itching, it only help with psoriasis, other conditions, do not tolerate sun……..Arms and legs, it could be also eczema …….

  4. Thanks so much for the validation there Pam — very much appreciated 🙂 — It’s not being negative at all, but more pro-active in a way that needs to be heard is all. I thank you for that very much. I also am hoping the best for yourself and your family. You really warmed me with those words. Much more than any quack has to offer me at the moment. 🙂

    Thanks also Dahila – I go check my email now before heading back into the garden. I am contemplating getting some light cotton long sleeve shirts. When I use to work on various sheep station out in the desert regions of Australia I used to where long pants and a light long sleeve shirt. I actually use to still Tan under the shirt – Go figure. LOL.

    How I expose myself now, will determine the skin cancer to come 10 years from now – thankfully I had a check up and the fellow was very respectful. I will look in the op shops.

    Catch up later guys – I will work between the garden and my hammock today 🙂 Chin is up – thanks to you guys.

    Hope all is well John – and you too Andrew. Can anyone tell me if Frankie is OK?


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