Back In the Garden – Did Well :)

Hi All – It cost it all we had left – BUT we bought a cultivater to do some of the hard work after I get all the of grass out first.  No bout there will be some left over I will pick out during and after the cultivating process.  I do not cut corners when getting rid of grass and all their roots!

I seems to of survived the day good thus far.  Enjoy the video:


4 thoughts on “Back In the Garden – Did Well :)

  1. Hi Dave,
    Looks like a lot of work. That tiller will help alot thats for sure. Is this the time of year for you to plant or will it be next spring? This is your winter months down there?

  2. Hi Dave.

    Well done! It’s looking really good. Glad you bought the tiller, it will be so handy and help with all that digging.

    You look pretty good, I hope you are feeling a bit better. Good luck on that doctors appointment, please let us know how it goes.

    Wishing you nothing but the best!

  3. Oh I see you have so much expierence in doing it. Taking the grass off is the worst. I think you have the growing season year round. Winter is like 20 Celsius? Teller is awesome you should show it. Your soil is very sandy, close to ocean:) you probably mix it with garden compost or garden soil and that it. Will you add some animal compost; like cow manure?
    I put a fist of Epson salt when I was planting my lovely Juliet tomato, I will see how it works. your spot is more or less like I do have. It will be more than enough for tree people. My freezer is also full of frozen veggies:)) Hard work,

  4. Well done Dave looks like you’re going great with it, As Danuta say’s your soil looks really sandy it’s going to be hard keeping enough water in there I would imagine, will you dig in some shit?. Keep up the good work

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