Preparing Notes for #*@!ing Doctor


Teenage Chronic Alcoholic/drug addict – Suffered Alcohol Poisoning multiple times

Near Renal Failure age 38 hospitalized 7 days Diagnosis Rhabdomyolysis

Has been itching none stop since Dec 2013

 Treated for scabies – FOUR DOSES of “ivermectin” each taken in excess to make sure.

Several applications of “5% permethrin cream” each with two tubes – Not one.  Multiple applications taken within the Week.

Coated body in sulfur and petroleum jelly multiple times which drew water from the skin.

SCABIES NO LONGER PRESENT – Itching continues.

 Does NOT like to take his Seroquel Because:

Patient has a predisposition to Kidney Failure and already has impaired Kidney.  (Medications pose renal failure risk as documented with Seroquel)
Patient has exhibited sever itching and cramps whilst on Seroquel AND long term antidepressants.

… … Facts Currently:

  •  Constant itching
  • sweat crystallization (excess urea)
  • Water Oozing out of open scabs
  • Upon Waking – legs cramp intensely when stretching in bed
  • Itching intensifies with exertion (laborious work/exercise)
  • Cramps in both the arms and legs (thighs and calf’s) becoming more frequent with exertion
  • Itching intensifies when eating too much of the wrong foods
  • Inching intensifies when drinking too much
  • Has sore kidneys – more so on the right side (have been feeling the left side of late)
  • Sleepless Nights/itching and pain in the sides

6 thoughts on “Preparing Notes for #*@!ing Doctor

  1. Oh Dave, glad you wrote this out. Hope you are taking it with you to see doc. If he doesn’t agree that something is wrong then he needs to be shot. Immediately!

    Take it easy, don’t over exert yourself!

  2. Yea – I’m not exactly wishing it to be this way … I am however keen on getting to the bottom of this issue. If again, after I do some digging in the garden today and I suffer the symptoms as described, then I think it is pretty obvious given my medical history.

    I decided to capture some morning footage by the beach and though I would in turn share that with you guys. Nothing fancy – it’s just a throw together sequence of some footage – I have my new video microphone – Next time I will take that.

    I now try and put them all together and upload that before going to the garden – and I start recording what I eat and drink 🙂

  3. Recording your diet is a very good idea. Have you make video after having cuppa white tea? It relax me immediately. I prefer leaves rather than the one in bags but I use the same one in work.
    I hope the doc will give you a good treatment. . I am very upset cause you suffer so much, my dear friend….

  4. Good Idea – I have cuppa now. I only had a half cup this morning and I enjoyed very much. I have returned from my garden and feeling good about that. I give you something to make you feel better with me in my garden.

    I will have to upload the morning moon Video and beach as well when I work out how to make soft transitions, otherwise is too sudden to change from one scene to the next. However the garden videos it does not matter …

    I am srry for making you feel upset – I think I might appear selfish if only have suffering to show – I will cheer up today. Again, I am sorry as I don’t mean to make you feel unnecessary sad.

    Lets see how I am going in my garden hey. 🙂

    edit – I am glad I made notes for the doctor as well. I have updated with more info. Long term antidepressants actually brought my Tinnitus and quitipine/seroquel also list Tinnitus as a side effect too! It can be related to neurological health … I found some more good advice on helping with Kidney today, but I share that later. 🙂

  5. Oh do not be sorry, I am happy you feel a bit better, it is just kind of dangerous with the kidneys. I am reading (when I get some time) about diet with kidneys problem. you have to be careful with the herbs too.
    The first time i tried white tea (silver needle is the best, but very expensive) I never had green or regular tea again, It is like 6 years or so. I love it, and I drink it without any sugar or brrrrrr anything.
    Note for doc make it clear in bullets or numbers, the most important on top of course. I do this for years and the idiots react better when they have it in their hand. They put it in your health record so make two copies. One for doc one for you. When he reads and ask question you will know answer. I also make bigger font for doc;)))))) Works like a charm

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