The only Peace I could find today.

The only Peace I could find today.

If only it was an ocean of Oat Water – Sigh …


7 thoughts on “The only Peace I could find today.

  1. Not trying to make fun of your situation dave but an ” ocean of oat water” is funny stuff. Whishing you peace and wellness my friend.

  2. Beautiful picture Dave.

    Shame about fasting too long, that seems a bit odd to me that it was too long but what do I know?

    Have you had any relief from the itching? I hope you have had at least a little.

    I suppose those clouds have meant rain, so I am assuming not much work on the garden. That’s ok, you will get it done whenever you fell well enough.

    I felt not too bad yesterday, walked down to get my X-rays done ( about 1/4 km) and then home from the hair dresser about 1km. Most exercise I’ve had in weeks. Having a little rocky start this morning but it is better than it has been.

    Got to go, thunder storm happening and my brave dog is trying to climb into my lap.


  3. If I could I would provide the ocean of oat water, at least it is the cheapest option and works well, they do not make GMO Oats yet. I was breeding german boxers for years and my pupies when they stop to (6 weeks or so) the mother milk I fed them oats with ground lean beef. No one has better puppies than Sergent Pepper lonely hearts club ; as my kennel was called:)) It works on the levels you can not imagine:)

  4. Dave, I get equally as much strength from you, Danuta, Andrew and John. All of you have been so fantastic with your support as I too go through mysterious health issues.

    With support like this how can we do anything other than get well. Dave, we will find our way, of that I am certain.

  5. Hi Dave, I to am having pain in my right kidney. They pulverized that kidney back in the early 90’s when i had a kidney stone. It looked like i had a mellon sticking out of my back. My urine was filled with blood and what i pressumed to be chucks of my kidney. Not sure why it started hurting again about a month ago. I will be thinking about ya and hoping that relief will soon fill your life.

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