Extreme Itching Last Night – Not doing well

Exercise Put Off:
Last night I had a major reaction with the itching.  I’m not sure if it was the switch to the pasta and tomatoes sauce or the qutipine I ended up taking.  I only took the quitipine because I could no longer take the scratching of the last several hours.

I later woke that night with a burning sensation, and could not stop scratching – I was so tired from my medication, however I could not sleep because of the pain – I then felt panicked with the nausea.  I was worried my air way was going to close as I was struggling to breath – I just made it to the shower in some attempt to calm myself, however the itching continued.

This is why we went to the docs today.  He was very rigid in his PRO medication and I could tell, he did not appreciate my efforts to go natural – SO FUCK HIM!!! (now another doctor on my shit list)  None the less I will stick with him as my wife comes along – He can not force me to take mind fuck drugs … and I wont if I believe they are fucking up my system.

ANYWAYS – I have blood tests to do tomorrow morning.  I have not eaten for a few hours already and am actually thinking of staying off food after the tests.  A kick start to this Three Day Fast you guys spoke about.  Unfortunately I now sit here itching like mad.  I think I will make up some oat water like you taught me Dahila and also take a shower after this post.  I really can’t live like this much longer … 😦

My wife and I are now thinking possible Kidney Issues as I have been cramping up a lot.  I am also thinking the sun is starting to effect me “after’ hours of being exposed.  These are signs related to Kidney related Hives – I have had almost renal failure in the past.  Considering this – we are having kidney test as well as liver function tests done.  I am afraid to eat anything as I just don’t know anymore.

Perhaps – Digging the New garden on top of other things was too much for my system.  Also I was drinking Huge Amounts of Juice, which may have taxed my kidney as well – The morning this all started was when I started running – walk / jog / walk / jog – I cramped up hard and my wife can smell the old condition of rhabdomyolysis (Kidney related issues from my last exercise bouts)

Whilst the heavy work is needed in the garden – all exercise is off – I also need to take a few say easy – and avoid working high UV times.

I must go for that shower – I can’t take anything tonight – as I want to be clean as I can be for the blood tests – I am hopping like hell, that if I continue to fast tomorrow, the itching, burning and pain will ease up so I can sleep …

I’m so sorry to cry about this stuff – but something is wrong … I get the feeling this doctor thinks its all in my head, despite the obvious welts, scabs and scars –

I must go try alleviate myself …

Peace guys.


11 thoughts on “Extreme Itching Last Night – Not doing well

  1. Oh Dave, our paths to wellness are so filled with those damned speed bumps. I’m sorry you are feeling so poorly. I can really relate to the frustration.

    I’m glad you are getting the blood work done for liver and kidney function done. But doctors on a whole are a bunch of dumb asses, always looking for the easy way out. Once their abilities are questioned, they use the old cop out, it’s all in your head. Don’t accept that, you know when your body is working properly and when it isn’t. And obviously yours and mine at the moment are telling us something is off.

    Hang in there, we will both figure out our respective ills!

    Hoping today is a bit better for you.

  2. Tank You so much Pam – really glad to see your response. Just looking at water fasts on Google – I am so keen to try a 3 day fast about now. I’m only about 5 hours into it – lol – tomorrow at 3 am it will be 24 hours – that is my fist goal. I really need to do it – and then I will just go back to eating very small – apples, plain oats – I will do what like Danuta suggest – be very mindful of each food as I eat it – wait and see what happens with each one, before I mix up the variety.

    Other than food – I will do my best for both Kidney and Live regardless of results – 🙂

    I send you warm thoughts and thank you very much for your reply. 🙂

  3. Hi Dave, did you find that recent artical i was talking about on the three day fast? It was pretty interesting wasent it? I may try and do that myself.
    Good luck on your test and do let us know how you are doing.

  4. Fasting is as old as wold is. Dave on the beginning use one day only; 24 hours. It has to be introduced gradually. I was breeding dogs for years, being animal lover I had spend every minute with them. I observed every my dog except my last Labrador to fast at least one day a week. Animals know when we lost this knowledge. 24 hours suppose to give your body time for its defenses to take into action. Constant shower does not help rather the opposite, I work in garden only morning, and evening. Rather wash your body with oats, Water strained from oats.
    Camomile does the same job,
    My late father in law was a survivor of tuberculosis, he had only one lung, He survived 3 heart attacks the fourth killed him. Very sick man he was working like insane person. he was eating very healthy. and first he started to fast one day a month, then a week, after that 3 days in every month. I think it helped him a lot. He was extremely energetic. My heart is breaking, I know the feeling so well have had some kind of skin disease connected to asthma. Atopic dermatitis that’s the name, itching as hell. I had it for years and when I could not scratch it on day time, I did when I slept. I passed but I will never forget the horror of itching. Calendula is the flower, yellow flower which is extremely helpful in skin condition. You skin must be very dry now, it lost the ability to produce sebum cause the scratching. You can make really easy oil infused with calendula , when you chose grapeseed oil it goes right into skin. There is a few better oils but that for another post. I hope the f****** doctor will find some solution.

  5. Have a look at this site. Organic facts.net then search benefits of coconut oil. Lots of good info and there is a section on how it helps the skin.

    Just a thought

  6. Not yet John – will find it eventually. Thanks Pam – my wife bought some and I actually put it on tonight, but had to rush into the shower about 40 minutes later, as I am sure like most oils I put on – they all seem to heat my skin up and the aggravate the itch even more.

    All the same I thank you for the mention. Thanks Danuta for the mention of the yellow flower – and also your length reply. Very much appreciated.

    I am not doing well at all tonight. I mean not to sound like some young whippersnapper on the anxiety forum with health hangups that sound so trivial. None the less, this return of the constant itching has me feeling nauseated tonight and tingly in an unhealthy way. I really hope the blood results show something wrong, as I would prefer to know something than be told, my blood looks fine.

    My wife thinks it’s a sure thing that something will show up – Again – given the constant itching whilst fasting that 17 hours – my focus on a histamine intolerance has shifted somewhat to poor kidney function which is not a good thing at all. But, I already injured my kidney, so I am a candidate for such a card to be dealt my way.

    A dermatitis specialist is seeing my on TUE and will have access to be blood results. I really need answers – I wish I could take my seroquel but I am simply too scared given how I woke up the other night.

    Although I did not have a reaction to Valerian, Hives are in fact a side effect for some people. If in fact my Kidney is failing – the braking done of medications/concentrated pills can cause itching known as “Uraemic pruritus – Renal itch” –

    Damn it all – my kidney even feels inflamed as I type .. GRRRRR .. I’ve also been cramping up in the legs and all the other BS symptoms … SIGH … Whatever Dave …

    I just want a break from the damn itching and or be able to take something that will keep me sleeping, yet wont cause more damage to my system.

    I see if I can upload my morning pick now – VERY SLOW INTERNET for the next 5 days or so.

  7. I am so sorry Dave if this is kidney you need to really think before you eat or drink something. I think for the time till you are diagnosed and given some meds , you need to take it easy, Maybe even on juicing…..I try to post short reply, , I thought it suppose to be short;))

  8. No way – I read everything each of you say. 🙂

    I head your words very much so. I will “pot” along in the garden – simply chip away at the grass without going overboard. Swing the maddock using gravity and inertia with as least as possible energy – I will be zen in my approach as I dig what I must.

    I woke up at 2:am still itching and now with a damn sore kidney – LOL – I can now only hope it’s psychological … none the less, I search on how to be kind to my kidney … I totally agree about the juicing – I have stopped for now, however will return to small doses avoiding the greens due to the acid content and stick with carrots, beets and apples .. “small amounts too” Sipping water seems to help – I do hope my herbals teas will be ok in small sips as well?

    I try to take another picture – I want to connect all the more now Danuta – but saddened my a sapped connection to to this unrelenting stress. I must learn to meditate as you have done – whilst still suffering.

    I found evidence that Serequol can indeed contribute to renal failure – Blood results will tell more. Now I have a good idea that the serequol related itching is not as much hives as I thought, but more to do with renal itch.

    I go read up on how to look after failing kidney.

  9. Unfortunately all the medication can cause renal failure even as to seem mellow tylenol; one of the worst….I think I know that you must go low acid and not to much of water, just to give them a rest. …

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